Althea McDermott

General McDermott is the Commander of Eagle Clan & chief guardian of scientific knowledge, ancient records and clan history.


Name: Althea McDermott | Rank: 18 (General)
Pure Strain Human
Current Status: 17th Commanding General of Eagle Clan (after the death of Gen.Tolstoy); High Councilor to the New Utah Federation at Heavens Gate.


Mental Strength 14
Intelligence 18
Dexterity 10
Charisma 16
Constitution 13
Physical Strength 11
Perception 10
Hit Points 82

EQUIPMENT For self-defense Althea carries a compact pre-war pistol of unknown capability, but otherwise does not normally carry weapons or wear armor. Althea is rumored to possess a number of powerful and amazing artifacts from ancient times.


  1. Computers – 90
  2. Robotics – 80
  3. Speech – 80
  4. Piloting – 50
  5. Barter – 50
  6. Lockpick – 40
  7. Stealth – 40

Althea was born in the Vault over 40 years ago and has spent her entire life in Scribe company, rapidly working her way up the ranks to take command over a decade ago and become the 8th ‘Adjutant’ of Eagle Clan (top officer of the ‘Scribe’ company). Her parents both descended directly from the original dwellers in the vault at the time of the second apocalypse (a UWS scientist and government administrator respectively). Althea is a careful planner, always calculating the chances of success and not one to take action based on intuition. Particularly violent action.

Althea is now the 2nd highest ranked officer in Eagle Clan, but at odds with many of the policies of General Morgan and the Warrior company. Especially what she sees as wasting resources and personnel on hair-brained adventures or mere scavenging expeditions. To her mind salvation lies in focused laboratory research combined with full-strength expeditions carefully designed to enhance the clan’s scientific knowledge.

Althea McDermott

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