Arno "J" Jackson

Sheriff "J" is charged with protecting Airfield City residents and their property.


Name: Arno “J” Jackson | Title: Sheriff (14)
Pure Strain Human


Mental Strength 13
Intelligence 14
Dexterity 16
Charisma 15
Constitution 12
Physical Strength 13
Perception 16
Hit Points 64


  1. Energy Pistol, Compact/Survival, Laser
  2. Ballistic/Ablative Vest (-1 crit severity to chest/abdomen)
  3. 3x Stun Grenades

In his youth Arno was a scavenger working the plentiful ruins in the NSC area. Arno’s more recent background is not well-known, but it is theorized he climbed from the rubble to a high rank within the NSC underworld, as a footpad, enforcer or dealer. Arno managed to parley his success into permanent Airfield City residency. A few years later Arno was recommended for appointment to Sheriff in a close 3-way split vote by the Council (3-2-2). In 2 years Arno’s term is up, but he’s confident he can win the next Council vote. Not willing to rely on stale intelligence from the MMPF (Mormon Military Police Force), Arno has recruited a broad network of his own agents and snitches. Arno is a smooth operator with eyes and ears everywhere in Airfield City, and beyond.

The salaried Sheriff position is appointed by the MMPF from among the population of Permanent Residents (around 500) upon recommendation by the City Council and Administrator. Thus, the sheriffs office derives its authority from both the Airfield City Residents and the Mormon Authority. ‘Sheriff J’ handles day-to-day policing and criminal investigation/apprehension, assisted by 3-5 paid deputies. The MMPF does not enter the streets except to publicly relieve the East Gate at 6am and 6pm daily, or to quell a major riot. In times of trouble the Sheriff is authorized to deputize any number of reliable residents.


Arno "J" Jackson

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