Benjamin "Big Ben" Johnston

Big Ben is a strong, silent mountain of a man, and long-time explosives expert with Ordnance Co.


Name: Benjamin “Big Ben” Johnston | Rank: 11 (Sergeant Major)
Pure Strain Human
Current Status: Big Ben was killed in action October 2754 defending the last transport group between Vault 57 and the Ag-Station (Sipio and Facility 6).


Mental Strength 8
Intelligence 12
Dexterity 10
Charisma 8
Constitution 18
Physical Strength 18
Perception 11
Hit Points 125


  1. 5-barrel 60mm grenade launcher / NEW (Unique/DII/1000/5kg/ER:300,LR:800/C:5/ROF:3/RLTime:1AT(3g)/D:chemex-6d6 in 6m,frag-4d6 in 9m,+2d6 contact)
  2. Revolver, Large Caliber / EXC (DII/150/1kg/ER:30,LR:60/C:6/ROF:4/RLTime:1AT(2-6r)/D:2d6/E:duds do not halt firing for the round)
  3. Machete (~I/20/2kg/D:1d6)
  4. Assorted Explosives


  1. EXPLOSIVES (60)
  2. REPAIR (40)
  3. SURVIVAL (30)
  4. GUNS (25)

Normally a man of his size would be a shoe-in for the Warriors, but “Big Ben” was born and raised in Vault 57 as a son of the Ordnance Company. He’s known little else beyond explosives, weapons repair, ammunition maintenance and storage.

Ben is a quiet half-deaf Sergeant Major, the prototypical strong silent type with few friends but no enemies. Which is not surprising considering this man is one of the biggest pure strains in the clan at just over 2 meters tall (6’7"). It’s said Big Ben wrestled ‘Gorilla Jim’, a huge mutated gorilla-man from Warrior Company, and walked away with all his extremeties still ‘in situ’. He’s not all that smart, but his huge constitution serves him well in the realm of things that go boom: he can take a lickin and keep on tickin. Unfortunately he’s now somewhat deaf, but that goes with the territory. Ben is a regular fixture of the elite hovercraft crew these days, serving as the explosives expert.

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Benjamin "Big Ben" Johnston

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