Beth Sands

Headstrong, self-reliant and highly talented, Beth Sands is ideal for the open-ended exploration mission assigned to her by Eagle Clan Scout Company.


Name: Beth Sands
Rank: 14 (Lieutenant Major)
Pure Strain Human
Current Status: Commander of the ‘stay-backs’ who remained at Ag-Station and did not embark on the Exodus to Heaven’s Gate.


  • Note: constitution and physical strength are permanently reduced due to android experimentation
Mental Strength 17
Intelligence 16
Dexterity 16
Charisma 15
Constitution 12
Physical Strength 11
Perception 17
Hit Points 76




  1. Swift Learner: You gain four more skill points every time you advance in rank (even if learning a new skill instead of points).
  2. Fast Metabolism: Natural healing rate increased by + 4 hp per day. Always heals all damage and wounds within 5 days.
  3. Toughness: – 1 damage per bullet/die (energy/bomb) or blow.
  4. (side effect of prior android experimentation) Crack Monkey: No negative side-effects from drugs or alcohol. Effects of up to 3 different drugs and/or alcohols can stack (you can consume up to 3 liters of liquor per day, compared to 1 liter for normal people). Downside: must consume at least 1 drug or alcohol (1 liter) per day or suffer -6 to all attributes the entire next day, and following days as well until consumption is resumed.


  1. Computer Terminals
  2. Tech I-II Projectile Weapons (All)
  3. Energy Weapons: Laser Pistol/Rifle, Blaster Pistol/Rifle
  4. Tech I-II Armor (All)
  5. Rifle Scope (All)
  6. Gas Mask
  7. Drug: Post-war Poison Antidote
  8. Drug: Pre-war Poison Antidote
  9. Drug: Accelera Dose
  10. Drug: Anti-Radiation Serum
  11. Drug: Stim Dose
  12. Energy Cell (All)
  13. Vehicle: Military Motorcycle / Alcohol Engine
  14. (Many other random artifacts…33% chance of already knowing a given artifact)

GW2754_Beth.jpgBeth grew up as the favored daughter of two Scout Company officers, and the older sister of Airyana Sands. Beth was tagged early on as a long-range scout due to her independent nature and significant natural attributes. These 2-person scout teams are sent out on free-ranging expeditions lasting many months in the hope of locating troves of ancient technology or friendly new tribes and settlements. Beth survived 3 such missions until finally going missing for over two years (January 2752 to November 2754).

Beth and her scout companion Josephine wandered the wastelands for several months on their 4th mission together, adventuring and scavenging with moderate success in the regions west and south of New Salt City. Finally Josephine was captured by Kendo tribals during risky explorations near the Shadow Years Enclave City #3 (KENDO). Unable to rescue Josephine, Beth despaired of returning to Vault 57 without anything to show for the loss of her partner.

Beth headed north and managed to infiltrate the Cult of the Voice in New Salt City, convincing the monks she was a devoted follower. The Elders of the Voice quickly realized Beth was a highly skilled explorer and soon sent her on a mission west to free the ‘Holy Voice’ FINNTHIRTEEN from his imprisonment by ‘Demons of Darkness’ (now known to be hostile androids). Her cultist companion soon went crazy and died of thirst and radiation poisoning, but Beth pressed on. A series of lucky finds and one encounter with friendly tribals helped her forward. After two months working her way westward, Beth was finally captured in the mountains just north of the android base.

Beth survived almost nine months of imprisonment and experimentation by the androids, escaping and being recaptured 3 times in the process, but not without scars. Beth now suffers from chronic pain and is addicted to drugs and alcohol (see Perks). A number of physical changes are evident including what appear to be duralloy IO/ports and receptacles for unknown cybernetic attachments.

Beth Sands

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