Cassey the Mutated Cassowary

Cassey is a mutated/modified 1.5m tall flightless bird, probably descended from a Shadow Years genetic managerie.


Name: Cassey
Rank: 11 (Sergeant Major)
Mutated Animal
Current Status: Cassey disappeared in February 2055 under mysterious circumstances during a recon mission to the legendary city of ‘Albekerke’.


Mental Strength 13
Intelligence 14
Dexterity 13
Charisma 10
Constitution 13
Physical Strength 16
Perception 15
Hit Points 56


1) 2*kick attacks for 2d6 damage (Class I); 2) +50-25% UB/B speed (5 minutes); 3) Natural armor – AC7; 4) Simple speech; 5) Pick up/carry small items with beak (5kg max).

Once/Day; 6m cloud of Intensity 3d6 stunning gas; 1AT to generate; lasts 2AT and floats downhill or with the wind; ‘#’ = stunned for # AT; ‘D’ = incapacitated for 6AT (can defend).

Once/Week; See 10-30 seconds into the future of an action planned by yourself or a touched associate within the next 30 seconds. Requires successful MS check or stunned for 1 AT.

Character may join with others in physical contact to amplify a Mental Mutation possessed by at least 2 linked mutants. The others need not have Mass Mind for the link to work.

Once/Day; Character can concentrate on the Mental Mutation of another mutant in physical contact, causing the mutation to have twice its normal effect.

Four flexible 1-meter tentacles grow from the mutants shoulders. These dextrous tentacles can expand or contract up to 20% and have strength equal to the mutant’s Physical Strength (16). When used together the tentacles provide capabilities identical to a pair of standard human arms and hands (grasp and use all weapons and tools, perform all skill tasks, etc). The tentacles can be injured (as human arms).


  1. Class II Skin Augmentation: Chameleon Effect

Note: skills or skill points in italics were gained from ancient tech and do not count against skill limits.

  1. Stealth – 125 (+ 60 from cybernetic skin-graft; + 30 usable while clothed in armor, rad-suit or other total-body-covering suit)
  2. Unarmed – 80
  3. Scavenge – 42
  4. Piloting – 42 (max: 70 + 10 from VRPod training = 80 lifetime limit)
  5. Survival – 41 (max: 65 + 10 from VRPod training = 75 lifetime limit)


  1. Life Giver: + 20 to hit point maximum, one time only.
  2. Paralyzing Palm: Hit from unarmed attack can paralyze the victim for 3 AT in lieu of inflicting damage (< 3m size, living, AC3 or worse).
  3. Rad Child: + 2 radiation resistance


  1. Tech I-II Projectile Weapons (All)
  2. Tech I-III Energy Weapons (All)
  3. Tech I-II Armor (All)
  4. Armor: Personal Force Shield
  5. Energy Cell: Chemical
  6. Energy Cell: Hydrogen
  7. Energy Cell: Solar
  8. Drug: Post-war Poison Antidote
  9. Electronic Data Display-Reader
  10. Vehicle: Military Ground Vehicle / Alcohol Engine / Wheeled
  11. Vehicle: VTOL / AGRAV Aircraft
  12. Vehicle: Hovercraft


  • After unlocking latent tentacle mutation in [[Session 21: Research Facility 7 (IV) | Session 21]]


  • interlude, session7-8: “Doctor Keeg’s Cabinet of Wonders”

On the way across the Vault 57 canyon to pick up some water, you spot Jim the Gorilla-man apparently angling to intercept you. This is a rather alarming development as Jim is nearly 2 meters tall and half as broad – a true mountain of hairy muscle. You successfully lose him by the caravansary, but he pops out from behind the north water tank right in front of you: “Slinky want you in social club…please take invite”. You carefully snatch a small gray and pink card from Jim’s hand. Grasping it in one clawed foot you read the ornate calligraphy, while keeping one eyeball on Jim:

Your are cordially invited
1st annual Convocation
Vault Literary Society and Social Club
April 5, 2754
Main Bunker, Dr. Slinky’s Funhouse

Jim is already ambling off. You think better of chasing him down…he’s rather an unknown quantity. Only seven mutated animals call Vault 57 their home and there’s little solidarity or fraternization between them. In fact you’ve hardly said a word to any fellow mutated animals in your 16 years at Vault 57. So this invitation is something of a shock. ‘Slinky’ must be a reference to that rarely-seen orange snake-thing who goes by the name Sabrina and manages some kind of a crazy museum deep inside the main bunker. You make up your mind to attend. This means dodging your Scout team training supervisor, Master Sergeant Wintergreen. That should be no problem…after the past weeks training you’ve probably surpassed Willy’s stealth abilities anyway.

The next day you make your way into the main bunker, a place you rarely visit. Following a few signs, you reach a big open portal with a sign hung askew: ‘Vault Literary Society and Social Club / tonight’. Craning your neck around the doorway into the space beyond you spy a large room surrounded by a high gallery and walkway. All around the dim space are shadowy displays of ancient artifacts, paintings, half-broken sculptures and other strange things. Light streams from a doorway below the gallery. Cautiously sneaking down the steps to the museum floor, you peek around the corner into the lighted space to spy a table set with some small saucers and cups. A white pot steams at the center. A four meter snake-being covered with jewel-like scales of flaming orange sits curled around a chair at the head of the table. She whispers inside your head, “welcome, welcome Cassey to our little soiree! Please sit down. I’m Sabrina, but members of the Vault Literary Society and Social Club may address me as ‘Slinky’”. No one else is in evidence. You ‘sit’ on a large bean-bag apparently intended for you, and only then remember to be surprised that Slinky is speaking directly into your mind. A few minutes later a huge furry presence appears huffing and puffing at the doorway: Jim the Gorilla-man. Jim sits down, his chair creaking ominously, and stares back and forth between you and Slinky. Slinky serves something called ‘tea’ which according to Slinky demands a very specific and time-honored ritual. Apparenly Slinky has managed to secretly grow some of the fragrant leaves in a corner of one of the external greenhouses. Jim and Slinky engage in a lively repartee, which Slinky begins conveying to you 3rd hand when she remembers you can’t hear their telepathic conversation.

During the course of the evening you discover that you are only the 3rd member of the ‘Vault Literary Society and Social Club’. Jim joined a month ago. Strange to think of Jim and Dr. Slinky sipping tea and engaging in literary discourse all alone in the dim museum tea room. It makes a bit more sense when you discover Jim is completely literate and quite well-read thanks to Slinky’s store of ancient databooks. Slinky is a veritable repository of ancient trivia, poetry and literary insights. She happy shows off her ancient curios, acquired one by one over the past 20 years. The piles of artifacts, some would say junk, filled Slinky’s private quarters so that eventually it was impossible for any but Slinky to enter. Finally she cajoled a Clan commander into dedicating permanent space for the collection. Curated by Dr. Slinky of course.

Toward the end of the evening Slinky presents a holographic video using a rare functioning trivideo holoprojector, titled “Doctor Keeg’s Cabinet of Wonders”. The video is an interactive catalog projected as a two-meter cylindrical hologram into which a succession of strange and apparently custom-designed creatures appear to pose and demonstrate their unique capabilities. The variety is staggering. One of the more unsettling creations is a sort of intelligent ‘helper insect’, a fragile meter-tall ant-like creature standing upright on four back legs. The front pair of legs function as arms ending in 3-fingered dextrous ‘hands’ with which the creature performs various tasks including assembly of a complex mechanical puzzle. Other creations appear designed for no specific purpose except entertainment or ostentatious display. One such example is a huge and very dangerous looking multicolored monster lizard apparently intended for private menageries as a demonstration of wealth or status. Toward the end you see something very similar to yourself appear in the display: a huge black and blue prehistoric flightless bird. Except this version has a number of ethereal meter-long tentacles growing from its back just behind the base of the neck. The tentacles appear and disappear as needed, apparently created through telekinetic mental power. The unseen announcer’s voice is somewhat high-pitched and insistent, verging on braggadocio at times. One of the features discussed are activation/deactivation sequences termed ‘genocodes’ which can enable or disable various creature abilities on command of the owner, though no specific examples are given. Some of the creatures are clearly intelligent, even sapient, and headed for servitude or even less savory employment. The video is dated 2605, toward the very end of the Shadow Years, but no contact details are given. The credentials of the video are shadowy and vague, even sleazy, most likely produced by a blackmarket or otherwise illicit operation.

The evening comes to a close and Slinky formally ends the 1st annual ‘Vault Literary Society and Social Club’ convocation. A sleepy and yawning Jim lurches through the doorway and off to his quarters near the front of the main vault. Sabrina stops you before you go…she speaks out loud for the first time: “Thath byoothiful colored lissard wassss my motherrr, did you know? I’ll never really forgifff the humansss who killed her. Maybe thathh big afffian wasss your ancestor as well? I hope to sssee you athh our lithhle club again…” Sabrina sends you off with a gift: a small electronic data display-reader, containing a number of ancient texts and probably a lot of her own poetry as well. The reader is self-powered and can also scan and store data displayed in any way including computer displays and holographic projections (AIII/120cr/.2kg/Condition:EXC).

Cassey the Mutated Cassowary

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