Delta Star 419

25th-century AI inhabiting USSP SURVCOM satellite 'HAWKEYE-3'


Name: Delta Star 419
Artificial Intelligence (Sentient?)

Delta Star 419 was first encountered in Facility 11. Later DS419 was battled in geosynchronous orbit over the Americas.

DS419 inhabits a United States Space Force ‘Hawkeye-3’ Surveillance and Communication (SURVCOM) black-ops satellite. The Hawkeye-3 has 2000 structure points, a 200 point energy screen, an original compliment of 90 ‘Swarmbot’ defense bots (2km one-way broadcast power), and a twin-EMP generator capable of draining or temporarily disabling any power source not sufficiently shielded. The AI has also proved capable of creating new adhoc weapons.

Armor Class: 1 (60cm duralloy).
Dimensions: 14m by 10m cylinder; mass is approx. 200 tons.
Stealth: invisible to all sensors including UWB radar outside 4-5km range.
Sensors: 200km UWB radar; 6 X-ray laser communication beams with 500,000km range; 6x UV/Thermal 120x cameras.
Power: 2x 5×12m solar arrays (100Kw…destroyed long ago); Liquid plutonium fission reactor: 400 yr nominal lifespan @ .2Mw, peak power 12Mw for defensive/offensive action, re-tasking and station-keeping…~90 years remaining lifetime.
Maneuver: Anti-gravity generator for station-keeping and re-tasking (1 day travel time per 10 degrees orbital change or 1 week per LEO/MEO/HEO/GEO change). This generator is about 3x more powerful than STOSS-27 agrav.

History: Assembled in LEO and commissioned in the year 2486. Boosted to GEO orbit over the Americas in 2604 by unknown agencies (this was toward the end of the Shadow Years, 12-15 years before the 2nd apocalypse that ended wwIV).


Delta Star 419

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