Gorilla Jim

A huge mutated gorilla-man with blood red eyes, inspiring terror in the hearts of his foes. And occassionally his friends, should they bump into him on a dark night.


Name: Gorilla “Jim” | Sasquatch, Yeti, King Kong and your worst nightmare in one package
Rank: 8 (Sergeant 1st Class)
Mutated Animal
Current Status: one of the lucky few to survive the skyship Exodus and reach Heavens Gate.


Mental Strength 12
Intelligence 15
Dexterity 16
Charisma 9
Constitution 16
Physical Strength 19
Perception 14
Hit Points 68


  1. The heaviest melee weapon available, such as a sledgehammer, and a brace of 2-3 heavy spears.
  2. Jim can also fire and load a specially modified heavy sawed off shotgun.
  3. In battle Jim wears a custom made hauberk of Mormon scale mail (3 man-size suits went into its construction) with steel-plate arm and leg guards and pot-helmet (AC:5/20kg).


Enhanced strength; cannot wear human-size/shape armor or clothing; limited ability to use human tech II weapons (must be modified); not recognized as human by security.

Conscious; R:48m; 6hp/creature(friend OR foe, whoever is in range); adds leeched points to HP for 4 hours (once/12hrs)

Conscious; R:60m; MA to inflict fear for 1 minute on 1 intelligent target (IN=8+); flee/stun (once/day)

Requires 25% additional food intake; must rest 30 seconds after 1 minute of strenuous physical activity (melee/hth combat, ‘fast’ movement) or fall unconscious for 1d20 minutes; life-leeching 30+ hp counts as rest.


  1. MELEE (80)
  2. HTH (40)
  3. PRECISION (20)
  4. SURVIVAL (20)

“Jim” was rescued as a half-meter high hairless youth from a high windswept mountaintop where he lay shivering and half dead, somewhere far east of the Salt Lake City ruins. The scout team returned the strange human-appearing youth to Vault 57 where he rapidly grew and transformed into the 1.9 meter tall juggernaut of fur and muscle fondly referred to as “The Terminator”. Jim turned out to be highly intelligent, but has never mastered speech perhaps due to his physiognomy, being able to utter only a few simple words and short phrases. He can however understand complex ideas and has learned to read better than some humans of the clan. He has also learned everything that the best melee fighters of Warrior Company could teach, and quickly. Jim will typically wait for an opportunity to wade into the midst of the foe and use his life-leech power to morph into a truly berserk monstrosity.

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Gorilla Jim

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