Grey Carlson

Ex-Mormon mercenary working his trade along the I15 corridor


Name: Grey Carlson
Rank: 16 – Lt. Colonel
Ghost Mutant
Current Status: Grey survived the assault on the Daedalus bridge and saved the planet from immanent destruction, thus becoming one of the greatest heroes in Mormon history. He accompanied the colonists to EE-IV where he established a new Mormon church emphasizing the virtues of heavy drinking, womanizing and hitting people real hard.


Mental Strength 14
Intelligence 12
Dexterity 18
Charisma 8
Constitution 18
Physical Strength 12
Perception 8
Hit Points 98


Mental/Conscious (4 uses/day): Can remotely move a single object weighing up to 28kg at a range of 3xMS (42m), accelerating the object up to 8m per AT for up to 3AT duration. Can throw the object as PS=MS (this ends that use of telekinesis). Telekinesing a living being or an object carried, held or worn by a living being requires a mental attack vs. defenders MS. Can attempt to trip up an enemy with a successful mental attack vs. defenders MS, resulting in the defender having to make a DX check to remain standing (10xMS or 140kg max target weight).

Mental/Conscious (1 use/day): This powerful mental attack requires 1AT to charge up, during which the mutant can do nothing but meditate, stand, sit, or lie down. Once charged, the mutant must immediately either release the charge, or spend 1 more full AT carefully disarming the charge. If struck while charging or disarming the mental attack, or failing to spend 1 AT disarming, check MS to avoid discharging the force into own body (1d20 damage, random location). A successful mental attack on any living creature (or borg) with a mind (MS>0) inflicts 1d100 damage, distributed in 2d20 increments to each body part for wounding purposes. Range is limited only by vision.


Melee (DX) 120
Guns 75
Power Armor 73
Explosives 26
Survival 16
Piloting 13
ZERO-G Rank 3


  1. Wasteland Mauler: + 30 to melee skill (can exceed attribute limits).
  2. Squad Leader: + 1 to initiative rolls.
  3. Stonewall: AC – 1 against melee and unarmed attacks; + 4 to PS knockdown check when taking serious chest/abdomen/leg wounds.
  4. Two Fisted Fighter: Reduce penalty for wielding and attacking with two weapons from -3/-6 to -1/-3 (dominant/off hand), when wielding two ‘Quick Draw’ capable one-handed weapons. Examples: knives, tomahawks, pistols, s/o shotguns(non-pump), tactical machine pistols, etc.


  1. Class I Cybernetic Left Arm (arm lost s38 & replaced s42)


All Tech I-II Guns; All Tech I-II Explosives and Launchers; All Tech III Laser, Blaster and Fusion Rifles; MIcro-Missile Launcher; MIni-Missile Launcher; Communicator; Gas Mask; Armor: Tac Armor, Combat Armor, Combine Powered Plate; Inertia Power Armors; All TechI-II electric or alcohol combustion vehicles; VTOLS; Motorcycles; Energy Mace; alien energy grenade, alien energy carbine & pistol; Xarmid Deactivator Hemisphere; Xarmid Control Rod.


Mormon Outcast Name: ABADDON

Grey was born into one of the elite Mormon families, inheriting several powerful mental mutations passed down from the Shadow Years. As a young man he served with distinction in the Mormon Army, guarding settlements and caravans up and down the I15 corridor. Then Grey was disciplined for excessive brutality during an attack on a raider encampment. The incident was quickly hushed up and Grey transferred to the Mormon Military Police Force (MMPF) in Airfield City, but trouble was on the horizon.

While participating in his 3rd Free Zone pacification operation, Grey was cited for ‘consorting with mutants’, a common and often spurious Mormon charge. The final straw came when Grey attempted to interfere with the execution of a mutant family sentenced to death for harboring fugitives. Grey was discharged from the MMPF and sent back to his family in shame. Grey began to openly rebel against the strict customs and harsh discipline of 28th century Mormon life.

Only months later Grey became embroiled in a power struggle between rival Mormon families. At some point during this conflict Grey committed an unforgivable atrocity, most likely use of his terrible mental power against another Mormon. The young man was formally cast out by his family and from Mormon society. The Mark of Anathema was inscribed on his forehead and his ‘Mormon Name’ changed to ‘Abaddon’. Never again would this man be welcome inside the walls of the great Compound.

Grey made the most of his brutal natural talents and soon earned quite a reputation along the I15 settlements. At one time or another he served with most of the mercenary companies operating out of Airfield City. Merc hangouts like ‘Coopers’ and ‘Hangar 21’ became Grey’s new home. His preferred work was bounty hunting, but guarding caravans or seasonal rakoxen drives was more reliable. Eventually Grey returned to working for the Mormons. Over time the Mormons came to rely on their wayward son for dangerous hostage rescues and fugitive retrieval ops in the dreaded Free Zone. But Grey did things his way. During these missions the ex-Mormon outcast befriended more than a few mutants, who considered the red mark on his forehead a badge of honor.


Grey Carlson

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