Indra Tan

The chief roaming negotiator and diplomat of Eagle Clan, reporting directly to the Commander's Council. Indra is one of those rare mutants without visibly obvious mutations.


Name: Indra Tan | Rank: 13 (Captain) | Roaming Diplomat, Negotiator and Spy
Ghost Mutant
Current Status: Indra was killed in action October 2754 defending the last transport group between Vault 57 and the Ag-Station (Sipio and Facility 6).


Mental Strength 17
Intelligence 15
Dexterity 13
Charisma 16
Constitution 12
Physical Strength 10
Perception 16
Hit Points 54


  1. Pistol, Needler (?)
  2. Communicator (BII/500/.25kg/E:small fold out device;1 chemical energy cell for 200 hours;10km range(50km to-from Comm Sender);modified to the private EC band).
  3. Binoculars, Optical (~II/300/.5kg/E:detailed identification of objects > 200m distant in good daylight)
  4. Goggles, Nightvision – Thermal/UV (BIII/350/.25kg/E:identification of objects at night and through smoke, dust, sand, etc.;no night tohit penalty;effects do not stack with optical/digital magnification such as scopes.)
  5. Kit, Computer Hacking (BIII/600/2kg/E:+20 to hack restricted computer terminals or systems)
  6. Kit, Lockpick & Safecracking (BIII/400/2kg/E:+20 to pick locks or crack safes)
  7. A variety of pre-war drugs
    Unconscious/30m. Senses the emotional state of sentient biological brains within 30 meters. Mutant can’t read minds, but strongly senses emotions like fear, anger, jealousy, boredom, love, curiosity etc. The detection functions through any intervening materials and can be used to sense the direction but not distance of unseen creatures (but only if they are conscious and in the grip of strong emotions). Note that some sentient mutated creatures do not have detectable emotions as we understand them and cannot be empathed. Empathy can be ‘turned off’, but strong emotions directed toward the mutant require a successful MS check to block.
    + 2 modification on his die rolls when figuring out artifacts. MS is increased by 4 (maximum of 21) when attacked in Mental Combat (but not when attacking). Automatically detects lies told in the mutants presence.
    Conscious/15m; Once/AT; Suppress the nervous system of one other entity within range, causing the victim to be incapable of physical or mental action. If mutant successfully uses this power against the same victim for 4 consecutive Action Turns (40 seconds), the victim dies of shock.


  1. Speech (70)
  2. Barter (70)
  3. Stealth (50)
  4. Computers (30)
  5. Lockpick/Safecracking (20)

Indra was captured from Kaktahn raiders at the age of 5 or 6 years and adopted by Eagle Clan. Not an unusual origin, except that Indra was almost certainly captured as an infant from a Tech I or II settlement along the I15. She bears no resemblance to the far-ranging nomadic Kaktahn tribesmen who roam the western hills south of the Great Dustbowl. Indra’s intelligence and aptitude with the spoken word gained her entrance into Scribe company. Subsequent development of mental mutations and skills over the years led to a unique position as a sort of roaming negotiator and diplomat. The Mormons especially seem to hold Indra in high regard and she has negotiated a number of advantageous trade deals with them over the years. In past years Indra spent most of her time on the road between settlements. She has traveled as far north as Magna Outpost on the south edge of the Great Salt Flats.

In recent years Indra has grown increasingly independent of the Scribe company hierarchy. Indra now reports directly to the Commander’s Council, and it is rumored directly to General Morgan as well. This development has visibly annoyed Colonel McDermott though she recognizes the value of this and makes use of Indra as a direct back-channel to the Commander. Captain Tan is also now the direct liaison or ‘handler’ for General Morgan’s ‘Special Operations’ teams.


Indra Tan

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