A true amazon-warrior at 1.9 meters tall and over 70kg, iron muscles and reflexes honed razor sharp by almost two years of life among the barbaric Kendo tribe.


Name: Josephine
Rank: 8 (Sgt. 1st Class)
Ghost Mutant (first expressed @ rank 8)
Current Status: Josephine disappeared in February 2055 under mysterious circumstances during a recon mission to the legendary city of ‘Albekerke’.


Mental Strength 10
Intelligence 13
Dexterity 16
Charisma 13
Constitution 14
Physical Strength 17
Perception 9
Hit Points 87


  1. SURVIVAL – 73
  2. UNARMED – 50
  3. STEALTH – 41
  4. MELEE – 40
  5. SCAVENGE – 10


  1. Super Slam: One melee (except thrown) or unarmed hit per combat has a chance of knocking your target down: 50% for unarmed or one-handed melee, 80% for two-handed melee.
  2. Hunter: + 2 per melee/unarmed hit or bullet/die (energy/explosive) damage against animals and mutated animals.

GHOST MUTATIONS (1 of 3 expressed)

  1. ARID ADAPTATION: 1) Water intake requirement reduced to .5 liters per day (from 1.5); 2) no increase in water consumption due to high temperature; 3) can go without water for up to 5 days without ill effect; 4) +20 to SURVIVAL skill limit; 5) natural resistance to extreme heat: -1 from each die of damage received from flame, incendiary or blasters.
  2. ??? (pending rank 9)
  3. ??? (pending rank 10)


Muzzle-loading Black Powder Weapons (shotguns, pistols, muskets, etc.); Pipe-Rifles; Bolt-Action Rifles; Energy Pistol, Laser; Breech-Loading & Pump-Action Shotguns; Automatic Pistols; Needler Pistols; Grenades (hiex, stun); Energy Cells (chemical, hydrogen); Rifle scope, day/night; Communicator; Armor: All TechI-II


GW2754-Josephine-2.jpgJosephine was captured by Kendo tribals in the year 2752 while she and ‘Beth’ Sands were trying to enter the ‘KENDOGYPSUM DOME 3 ENCLAVE CITY ruins from the west side, deep in Kendo territory. She and Beth wandered the wastelands for several months prior to her capture, adventuring and scavenging with moderate success in the regions west and south of New Salt City. Then 18 year-old Josephine spent three months as a chattel slave of the Kendo. In the first weeks she glimpsed Beth shadowing the tribes movements, but they moved farther into the wilderness until finally Beth could follow no longer. Josephine eventually proved her worth in unarmed combat against another ‘warrior-woman’ of the tribe (the Kendo are unusual in having some areas of equal standing for men and women). Luckily she previously received advanced martial arts instruction while in New Salt City. She recalls a slight dark woman who frequented the training dojo…Ohna or Una or something, who she sparred with once or twice (now known to be Oona, the PCs erstwhile enemy). Over the next 20 months Josephine learned the Kendo language and tribal ways…memories of home receded, until finally she stopped thinking about Eagle Clan and her old life at all, truly becoming a barbaric tribeswoman of the Kendo.

Josephine can recall fascinating stories of barbaric grandeur…the ‘Kurotai’ or meetings of all the tribal Nations in the desert under the shadow of the Sacred Mountain at the edge of the Great Dustbowl, attended by the Kakhtan, Kendo, Muunokhoi, Vagos (Motorcycle Men), and Sinaloa. Great desert worms the size of hills cruising the open sands…fearsome Kaktahn warriors mounted on huge centipede-like insects…the palace of the Grand Hetman surrounded by the open desert…she goes on and on once started. Josephine boasts that there are tens of thousands of the ‘People’ in the Utah region…they could sack the pitiful alien (“Gahdodyn”) settlements any time they like! Then she becomes quiet and gloomy, remembering that she’s really one of the Gahdodyn.

Josephine was recaptured by the PC team during pursuit of a failed raider ambush between Spanish Fork and Nephi (between the events of session 16 and 17). Over time she returned to civilized ways, but to this day still proudly displays the ritual scars of a Kendo tribal.

Josephine does not know what happened to Beth…they became separated after she was captured. Beth became a ghost of Josephine’s past, along with the rest of her old world. Josephine doesn’t hold any grudge…she was surprised Beth trailed her for so long, at such great risk. Josephine thinks that if Beth still lives, she might be found in their old haunts back in New Salt City…Beth and Josephine spent several months there shortly after leaving Vault 57.

Beth was briefly interested in a local cult based in the walled airfield-town called the ‘Followers of the Voice’ which Josephine was very skeptical about (a crazy bunch of bald and robed flower-headed weirdos if you ask me). The Followers worshiped some ‘voices’ Beth suspected were really looped radio messages perpetually broadcast from ancient installations. Beth thought the ‘Followers’ could be used to find the location of an ancient government or military installation, a once in a lifetime find that could save Eagle Clan and make them both heroes. Beth even went so far as to start up a personal relationship with one of the higher-ranked cultists, but hadn’t yet been able to bring herself to actually join the cult. The pair left New Salt City shortly thereafter and the rest is history…


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