Leonidas "Leo" Tolstoy

This Warrior company Major is a dashing 1.8 meter feline humanoid with high ambitions and an ego to match.


Name: Leonidas “Leo” Tolstoy
Rank: 15 (Major) / 18 (General) as of October 2754
Current Status: Gen.Tolstoy, 16th Commander of Eagle Clan, died during the tragic Exodus to Heavens Gate. He was succeeded by General Althea McDermott.


Mental Strength 12
Intelligence 13
Dexterity 18
Charisma 14
Constitution 13
Physical Strength 16
Perception 15
Hit Points 68


  1. Rifle, Light Assault / Excellent (?)
  2. Pistol, Automatic, Medium Caliber / NEW (DII/80/.5kg/ER:20,LR:50/C:18/ROF:6/RLTime:1AT/D:1d6)
  3. Wears an ancient but intact Flight Suit whenever on duty and when flying, bearing a blue and silver shoulder patch with the words ‘41st Striker Wing / Texahoma Air Force’…probably salvaged from wreckage found on one of Leo’s many hovercraft missions.


Plus 4 when figuring out artifacts; makeshift weapons do plus 1d6 damage.
Plus 4 to DX when making attribute checks.
3. MODIFIED BODY PARTS (feline head/fur/claws)
Natural Unarmed attacks(3): 1d8(bite)/1d6(claw)/1d6(claw). If leaping upon an enemy from a higher elevation, gains 2 additional rear claw attacks for a total of 5 attacks. Unable to wear unmodified TechIII armor. May not be recognized as human by security.
Can see into the UV spectrum; can see radiation intensity (as RAD.DETECTOR); can see EM energy within 30m (from electrical devices, energy cells, etc.); blinded for 1AT by lightning, lasers and other super-bright flashes of visible light.


  1. GUNS

Major Leonidas is currently the 2nd highest ranking Warrior Company officer (General Morgan is no longer counted in this ranking). Famed for his elan, leadership and stealthy combat abilities, particular during night ops, Leonidas’ only major weaknesses are his notorious ego and a poor ability for self-examination. He is also a stickler for rank and place (only his family and closest associates dare call him by “Leo”) and doesn’t particularly identify with other mutants in the clan.

Leonidas was the very rare mutant child of pure strain parents from the Warrior and Engineer companies. As with most mutant children, his strangeness was not immediately apparent. But by his 12th year he was totally covered in yellow-orange fur and his head had changed into an almost perfect representation of a feline. When the nature of his latent mutations became apparent, he was renamed Leonidas Tolstoy, after some historical figures from ancient times – a not uncommon practice. Thankfully he did not appear to have any serious defects and in fact turned out to be exception in most ways. Too martially-oriented to make a good engineer, Leo chose his father’s Warrior company. His unique abilities were quickly recognized, particularly a superhuman catlike stealth and reaction time, and he advanced rapidly despite spending a lot of time hanging around the Engineers (his mother’s company).

Gw2754 1st sgt leonidas

Leonidas’ mechanical genius, incredible reaction time, balance, agility and amazing nightvision made him a natural choice for hovercraft commander. Unfortunately he also believes himself to be the best pilot in Eagle Clan. In actuality several others are more proficient despite Leo’s amazing natural talents, notably Lt. Rodriguez of Engineer Company. His vulnerability to lightning and super-bright lights in general means he has to hand the controls over to someone else in certain situations. The hovercraft has become Leo’s obsession. It’s widely joked that he’d move into the Engineer Garages and sleep with it if he could.

Leonidas "Leo" Tolstoy

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