Lexi is the hisser ambassador to the New Utah Federation.


Name: “Lexi” (her telepathic name is an unpronounceable psychic sub-susurrus)
Rank: ?
Mutant Humanoid / Hisser


Mental Strength 12
Intelligence 17
Dexterity 13
Charisma 15
Constitution 16
Physical Strength 15
Perception 11
Hit Points 54


1. MUTATED SNAKE FORM: Size:2.5-meter length and height;100kg;Natural AC:5;Movement:6km/300m/12m; Natural attacks:1d6(1*bite) and 1d4 (4*fists or 4*weapons).

2. NEW BODY PARTS: Multiple Arms – 4 (qaudridexterous)

Conscious/24m, or up to 800km to another ‘farcaster’ with whom a personal link was previously established. Can broadcast speech, thoughts, pictures and emotions into the minds of up to five sentient biological brains within 24 meters. Unless the recipients also possess Telepathy, they must reply back vocally. This power transcends language and works with all entities having biological brains, to the extent of their intelligence. Creatures with less than IN:6 can only grasp or send simple images and emotions, for example. This power cannot be used to read minds.

Conscious/30m*10m cone. 3d6 damage to each target in area if successful against defenders mental strength. Usable vs. any being with a biological-based brain including borgs and androids. Any wounds inflicted always affect the head or brain. Usable 3 times/day.

Unconscious. Character joins with other friendly telepathic mutants in range to amplify a Mental Mutation possessed by at least 2 linked mutants. Telepathy is required, but the other mutants need not have Mass Mind for the link to work. For Mental Blast, add 10% damage and MS per linked mutant. So 5 linked mutants each get + 50% damage and MS per Mental Blast attack.

6. IMMUNITY: Immune to lasers and mental blast attacks.

7. RESISTANCE: INT:6 radiation resistance


Stealth 70
Speech 60
Repair 50
Lockpick / Safecracking 40
Piloting 40
Scavenging 30


  1. Friend of the Night: Dark/Very Dark to-hit penalties reduced by 1 (-2/-5). Enemy penalties to hit you in Dark/Very Dark conditions increased by 1 (-4/-7). (male hissers possess full thermal vision).



Nothing other than a hisser-manufactured set of durasteel bracers and breastplate, increasing AC from 5 to 4.


‘Lexi’ is the ambassador for a small Tech-II colony of desert hissers living in a fortified compound at the eastern edge of the Albuquerque ruins, approximately 800km south of central Utah. After the disastrous nuclear exchange at Albuquerque in August 2755, the hissers were convinced to send an ambassador to Utah to convene with the New Utah Federation high council at Heaven’s Gate. The hissers admit that someone is playing them for fools, helping and at other times hindering them, apparently for the ultimate purpose of causing conflict with other factions, even as far north as Utah.

Hissers can hear and understand 28th century vocalized language, but cannot themselves speak. Instead they must communicate using telepathy. Lexi is a ‘farcaster’, an extremely rare (.2%) female Hisser that can communicate across hundreds of kilometers with other similarly-endowed mutants. Lexi is personally very curious about her hosts. She is allowed to move about Heavens Gate valley under the surveillance of three chaperones at all times, two of whom have high mental strength… The 3rd chaperone is Slinky, who discovered she can communicate with Lexi telepathically over extended distances…exactly how far is not yet known, but at least 15km. This also allows Slinky to know the rough distance and direction of Lexi at any given time (MS attack required if opposed)…and vice-versa.



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