Marduk is a large brown and yellow mutated humanoid with 2-meter high torso, 3-meter prehensile tail, ophidian head and large glassy yellow eyes


Name: Marduk | Retired Prospector, Merchant, Suspected Slaver
Mutated Humanoid


Mental Strength 16
Intelligence 17
Dexterity 12
Charisma 15
Constitution 17
Physical Strength 19
Perception 13
Hit Points 89


Various Tech II-III artifacts, as needed


1. MODIFIED BODY PARTS (3-meter PREHENSILE TAIL replacing legs; 2/3rd MV; can manipulate 1 extra weapon or item per action turn)
2. ???


  1. BARTER (?)

Marduk is a retired scavenger from the far North who now operates a large caravansary business in Airfield City. He owns a number of powerful artifacts including vehicles, robots and weapons…and many slaves, though they are not advertised as such. It is rumored that Marduk secretly deals in slaves and has sent shipments from Magna Outpost to the regions north of the Great Salt Flats where the Mormons lack influence and slavery is widespread, but nothing has been proven. Due to the Mormon prohibition of slavery, Marduk is preventing from starting the slave-trading business he would like. He maintains a branch of his caravansary and water/salt trading business in Magna Outpost.

Marduk is partial to successful prospectors and always interested in making new contacts who could help him realize his farfetched dream of a slave-trading empire.


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