Interstellar agent of the 'Continuum'


Name: Narvu Pellinath
Alien: Cthonite
Current Status: hiding on Earth with rebel Terrans


Mental Strength 16
Intelligence 17
Dexterity 16
Charisma 15
Constitution 14
Physical Strength 11
Perception 17
Hit Points 76


  1. 1x EXC Cthonite Special Operative Jumpsuit (EIV/2000cr/3kg/AC:4/Radiation Resistance:12/E: orange&black suit of various plates and flaps, functions as a vacuum-suit with automatic force-field bubble-helmet, + 40 stealth check modifier, undoubtedly other features…)
  2. 1x NEW Cthonite Universal Translator (GIV/1000cr/.5kg/12cm orb that orbits Narvu and translates any incoming/outgoing auditory or radio/hyperspace transmitted speech;translation improves when exposed over time to each unknown language).
  3. 2x NEW WEAPON: Xarmid Energy Pistol (DIV/300 with functioning cell – 100cr as a curio/.5kg/ER:60;LR:-/C:8s(1 small e-cell)/ROF:2/RLTime:1AT/D:6d6,WC10)
  4. 1x NEW AMMO (ENERGY): Xarmid Energy Cells, small (AIV/30cr as curios/.2kg)


  1. Lockpick – 160
  2. Barter – 120
  3. Energy – 100
  4. Computers – 100
  5. Stealth – 100
  6. Piloting – 90
  7. Robotics – 80
  8. Speech – 60
  9. Repair – 60
  10. Unarmed – 60
  11. Melee – 40

Narvu Pellinath is an ‘Interworld Effectuator’ (intelligence field agent) of the ‘Continuum’, an association of 24 stellar races. Narvu was captured by the Sreelathans while investigating violations of the Continuum prohibition against conquest or enslavement of Stellar or Proto-stellar races. The Cthonite spy was on a ‘diplomatic’ mission to the nearest Sreelathan consulate (100ly distant) when he took the opportunity to stow away aboard a suspicious freighter bound for an unknown star system far from Continuum space. Narvu learned a great deal about the Sreelathan activities on and around earth before being captured.

The erstwhile spy was rescued shortly thereafter by earth natives conducting a surprise raid against the secret Sreelathan moon-base. Narvu provided a wealth of information to the earthlings, including complete details about the history of Sreelathan activities around earth and how the remnants of humanity might escape their domination.


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