Omega Team Seven

Survivors of the ill-fated Omega Team Seven based in the central Caucasus mountains.


OT7_B-SS_NataliyaUstinov.pngName: Nataliya Ustinov
Position: Beta Section, Social Specialist
Previous Experience: MS International Relations – Moscow State University; Russian Foreign Ministry – 4 yrs; fluent English & French; abducted 2499
Age: 36 (as of 2755)
Stats: MS17/IN18/DX16/CH17/CN15/PS13/PE15/HP-57 (trans-human)
Bio: Nataliya was a rising star with the Russian Empire Foreign Service in her own right, but her father being Foreign Minister certainly didn’t hurt. Around 2496 the Minister became convinced the Omega Project was on to something and worked hard to convince His daughter to join, but the idealistic young diplomat would have none of it. She was determined to prevent Armageddon through diplomacy. Nataliya’s husband Dmitry was more easily convinced and formally joined Team Seven in 2497. Rather than the desired effect hoped for by her father, this simply led to the couple become estranged. In desperation and at the last minute, her father had Nataliya drugged and shipped off to cold storage with Omega Team 7, courtesy of connections with the Russian magnates who bankrolled the doomsday bunker. Nataliya is therefore only one of two persons dragooned into the organization without their knowledge or consent (Titus Andronicus was the other).

Nataliya’s character would be tested to the utmost when bunker seven was found and excavated by a local bandit chieftain in the year 2745. Nataliya survived the harrowing ordeal and quickly became indispensable to her captors, catapulting a minor bandit to absolute power within five years. During the first few terrible years Nataliya withstood severe punishment, including loss of her left forearm halfway to the elbow. She hates what she became and despised the barbarians she worked for, but did what had to be done to survive. To this day Nataliya doesn’t know whether to love or hate her father for stuffing her into that bunker.

Nataliya’s father paid good money to have his wife’s embryo genetically upgraded to trans-human status, something that was still illegal at the time. This means Nataliya does not suffer from the typical 25th century native’s vulnerability to the radioactive and poisonous environment of the 28th century.

OT7_A-SS_DmitryUstinov.pngName: Dmitry Ustinov
Position: Security Specialist (Security Detail)
Previous Experience: Petrograd Military Academy – 4 years; Russian Military Police (commission) – 4 yrs; Volgograd Police Lieutenant – 2 yrs; Dragunov Security executive – 3 years; recruited 2497
Age: 32
Stats: MS11/IN13/DX16/CH15/CN16/PS17/PE16/HP-44
Bio: Dmitry is the husband of Nataliya. They met through their parents who were both high officials in the Russian Empire. Dmitry was talked into joining the Omega Project by Nataliya’s father who had close ties with the two industrial bosses sponsoring the Russian team bunker. In fact Dmitry was told in advance by Nataliya’s father that “she is going whether she likes it or not…if you want to be with her after the rest of us are ashes, join and become powerful within the organization”. Dmitry’s background was ideal, so he had no trouble rising to the top in the last year of the Project, edging out a number of long-time candidates for a security team position. Nataliya may be Dmitry’s only link to sanity in the mad world of the 28th century. It’s unlikely he would fare too well should something happen to his wife.

OT7_B-TS_RichardArmstrong.pngName: Richard Armstrong
Position: Beta Section, Technical Specialist
Previous Experience: MS-Mech Engineering; SNC TEC field tech – 3 years; various security contractors (mercs) – 4 years; recruited 2491
Age: 28
Stats: MS15/IN16/DX14/CH9/CN13/PS10/PE13/HP-32
Bio: Armstrong is the only non-Russian members of Omega Team Seven. He is one of the original Omega Project members, joining as a young college undergraduate in the second year of active recruiting. The young man had always been an ardent fan of theories about alien interference in the affairs of earth. A 1st edition copy of ‘Chariots of the Gods’ by Van Daniken was his prized possession, thoroughly refuted centuries ago, but still treasured. Initially Armstrong was relegated to the lowest ‘fringoid’ ranks of the organization, where kooky tin-foil hat types were kept busy with harmless activities that drew attention away from important aspects of the Project. Despite this disappointing introduction, the Project quickly became the focus of Armstrong’s life. His degree, position with SNC TEC and subsequent contracts with private security firms all had a single goal: assignment to one of the nearly mythical ‘Omega Teams’.

In 2496 Armstrong’s dedication came to the attention of an undercover Project recruiter and he was placed on the ‘standby’ list. In 2497 a member of Team 5 was ejected after failing a series of standard psych evaluations. Armstrong somehow got wind of this development and three weeks later secured a contract with a Russian arms manufacturer. Upon arrival in Volgograd he dove into the Russian language and learned quickly. This impressed the recruiters enough to get him recommended for the open position. Six months later he was with his new team undergoing full-immersion survival training in the remote Caucasus mountains.

  • Vulnerability to Radiation and Poisons

25th century humans do not have the high natural resistance to radiation and poison found in all surviving inhabitants of the 28th century. Radiation and poison intensity is doubled for Omega team members. 1 Rad is gained per day spent outside an Omega bunker or other protected space – this can be blocked by rad protection gear, such as the Omega Jumpsuit and respirator. Rads are not lost naturally 1/daily as they are for 28th century natives. 1/1 Poison/Rad is gained per man-day of impure food and water consumed.

  • Artifacts and Technology

25th century natives can immediately understand and use most 25th-28th century technology. Experimental Shadow-Years or Alien tech must be figured out normally, but at +4 in addition to any intelligence bonuses. All 25th century humans are treated as ‘pure strain humans’ when figuring out unknown artifacts. They can teach others normally.


OmegaProject-Team7.jpgUnlike the other Omega Project Teams, ‘Team Seven’ consisted largely of exceptional but privileged sons and daughters of a few Russian Empire industrial magnates who funded the venture. As fate would have it, the obvious weakness of such an arrangement was never put to the test. Due to oversight or system failure, no activation fail-safe period was implemented for team bunker 7. The seven team members slept on through the Shadow Years and into the middle 28th century when the bunker was discovered and broken into by a local bandit chieftain. The team commander and three others died quickly when their hyper-sleep chambers were rudely opened using crowbars and sledgehammers. Fortunately for the B-team Social Specialist, Nataliya Ustinov, a local ‘wizard’ intervened and by sheer luck managed to activate her chamber correctly. Nataliya would acquit herself well after being thrust into the savage world of the 28th century. Unfortunately the same ‘wizard’ later precipitated a disastrous reactor failure. The resulting fire caused heavy damage and flooded the bunker with intense radiation. The surviving A-team Security Specialist and B-team Technical Specialist slept on for another decade, entombed in the radioactive bunker until rescued by adventurers from North America.

Omega Team Seven

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