Omega Team Six

Team of seven 25th-century natives from the last intact 'Omega Bunker' high in the Andes Mountains east of Bogota.


OT6_A-TC_ElliotSmith.jpgName: Elliot Smith
Position: Team Commander, Alpha Section Leader
Previous Experience: US Space Force Cmdr 20 yrs; Trans-World Mfg executive 7 yrs – recruited 2491
Age: 47 (as of 2499)
Stats: MS17/IN14/DX15/CH16/CN13/PS13/PE14/HP-68 (trans-human)
Bio: Eliot Smith ranks among the most competent and capable Project members. He is totally committed to the cause, rational, stable and an excellent leader. He is also an early trans-human, the forerunner of many 28th century ‘pure strain humans’ who are able to survive the hazards of the wasteland. As such, Commander Smith does not suffer from the normal 25th century native’s vulnerability to radiation and poisons.

OT6_A-SL_LewisTGibbs.jpgName: Lewis T. Gibbs
Position: Section Leader (Security Detail)
Previous Experience: US military police 3 yrs; SF/SLC police Lt 8 yrs; SWAT/SLC 2 yrs – recruited 2496
Age: 34
Stats: MS12/IN13/DX16/CH14/CN12/PS14/PE15/HP-46
Bio: Gibbs was a star police officer, rising through the ranks to achieve Detective Lieutenant in only five years, but always a bit of a loner and iconoclast. Shortly after being recruited by the Omega Project, Gibbs got a position in the Salt Lake metropolis SWAT team (with a little covert help). He was an active member of the thriving Omega community in Utah and met Doctor Desoto on two occasions before the security situation made it impossible for Desoto to appear in public. Gibbs idolizes Commander Smith and does his level best to keep Andres in line.

OT6_A-SS_CarlosAndres.jpgName: Carlos Andres
Position: Security Specialist (Security Detail)
Previous Experience: Colombian Ex-cartel hitman/assassin 8 yrs (day job: Policía Nacional de Colombia) – recruited 2496
Age: 27
Stats: MS14/IN12/DX17/CH10/CN16/PS18/PE17/HP-53
Bio: It’s an open secret that Andres joined the Omega Project to escape being killed by a rival cartel, but he does bring the goods. Andres is skilled with all weapons and unarmed combat. He is cool under fire and an excellent street-fight tactician (+1 team init for +3 total). Most importantly, Carlos’ knowledge of the Bogota and Central/South America underworld was considered invaluable. Unfortunately, he’s also something of a sadist and a bully due to a life of crime and terrible deeds. The Omega leadership definitely had to bench some scruples before recruiting this local ‘talent’ into the organization.

OT6_B-SC_DaveBernard.jpgName: Dave Bernard
Position: Beta Section Leader, Science Specialist
Previous Experience: PhD Robotics; Chief Scientist, Magnalux Systems – recruited 2493
Age: 41
Stats: MS12/IN24/DX12/CH9/CN13/PS16/PE11/HP-45
Bio: Another early convert to the cause, Dr. Bernard is one of the best applied scientists to join the field teams. Bernard is a rare combination of powerful physical presence and intellectual capability. His main fault is a sizeable ego that sometimes results in friction with Commander Smith. Gibbs is not so much disrespectful of authority as he is completely oblivious to it. Technically Gibbs is 2nd in overall command, but there might be trouble if Smith left the picture.

OT6_B-TS_LiWeiLCheng.jpgName: Li Wei L. Cheng
Position: Beta Section, Technical Specialist
Previous Experience: MS-EE; Matsohito Electric 4yrs; Taiwanese refugee; Federated Spaceways 2 yrs – recruited 2498
Age: 28 (15 actual)
Stats: MS16/IN19/DX18/CH13/CN13/PS12/PE16/HP-54 (android)
Bio: Cheng was recruited after fleeing the destruction of her homeland in the 3rd year of World War III. As early as Cheng can remember, she was always a whiz at anything mechanical or electronic. But she was soon to discover that all her childhood memories were fake. Omega Project operatives picked Chang out from the flood of refugees, identifying her as an unknowing participant in a secret worldwide project to raise a generation of android replicants who were unaware they were androids. This would enable them to pass for human when subjected to all but the most exhaustive tests. These androids could then achieve positions of prominence and power without government monitoring or interference. The organization and ultimate motive behind this mysterious program was never discovered, but thanks to Desoto’s scientific contacts and Vandermonde’s industry contacts, a number of these ‘replicants’ were located and apprised of their true nature. Like Cheng, most took the red pill and joined the Omega Project. At least three ended up in field teams. Cheng is highly capable and has all the benefits of a pre-war android including + 2 radiation resistance and + 1 poison resistance. Ironically, Cheng is probably the most emotionally stable member of Team Six, next to Commander Smith.

OT6_B-SS_SusanLHouston.jpgName: Susan L. Houston
Position: Beta Section, Social Specialist
Previous Experience: LATAM/Peace Corp 3 yrs; PhD Human Anthropology; extensive field time in LATAM; fluent Spanish/Portuguese – recruited 2494
Age: 35
Stats: MS10/IN17/DX12/CH15/CN11/PS11/PE14/HP-36
Bio: Houston spent most of her adult life in the field, exploring ancient ruins from Machu Picchu to Tiwanaku to the Lost City in Colombia, and far stranger sites. Her team discovered the Denu-mayar caves beneath the Lost City in 2493. The shocking artifacts and cave paintings precipitated a crises of scientific confidence that eventually led Houston to join the Omega Project, previously ignored as pseudo-scientific nut-jobs. Or perhaps she was just the latest repressed kook to come out of the closet? Only waking up after the apocalypse would shake a deep inner suspicion that she’d been duped by some very convincing and well-funded cultists.

OT6_B-MS_HidalgoRMendoza.jpgName: Hidalgo R. Mendoza
Position: Beta Section, Medical Specialist
Previous Experience: Colombian Army doctor 4 yrs; Colombian medical doctor (surgeon & ER/trauma unit) 10 yrs – recruited 2499
Age: 39
Stats: MS6/IN15/DX17/CH11/CN14/PS13/PE14/HP-40
Bio: Mendoza is a gifted surgeon who performed hundreds of battlefield operations during the 2 year Succession War in Columbia and Panama. Desire for the finer things and an addiction to emergency situations kept him in the ER/trauma field long after the war’s end. In late 2498 his family was murdered by pro-succession terrorists. Mendoza wandered the jungle mountains of Colombia for months, bitter and tormented. He was subsequently kidnapped by guerillas and later succeeded in organizing a revolt by his fellow hostages, who seized weapons and killed nine of their captors before fleeing into the jungle. A few weeks later Mendoza emerged from the wilderness, but civilization had lost its zest. Unfortunately Mendoza was left with chronic headaches and traumatic nightmares. At the eleventh hour Mendoza emailed the address on a crumpled ‘Omega Project’ pamphlet and the rest is history. The Project was in desperate need of qualified medical doctors, especially those with Mendoza’s almost unique qualifications, so the recruiters overlooked some troubling results from the standard psychiatric evaluation. Mendoza joined Team Six as their 7th member only three weeks later, just as they arrived in-country for their 6-month ‘total immersion’ survival training (which the good doctor excelled at for obvious reasons). Mendoza is horrified by the world of the 28th century and is thoroughly disgusted by mutants, especially humanoid-appearing varieties. He is extremely paranoid about the plethora of unknown pathogens, poisons and radioactivity abounding in the 28th century.

  • Vulnerability to Radiation and Poisons

25th century humans do not have the high natural resistance to radiation and poison found in all surviving inhabitants of the 28th century. Radiation and poison intensity is doubled for Omega team members. 1 Rad is gained per day spent outside an Omega bunker or other protected space – this can be blocked by rad protection gear, such as the Omega Jumpsuit and respirator. Rads are not lost naturally 1/daily as they are for 28th century natives. 1/1 Poison/Rad is gained per man-day of impure food and water consumed.

  • Artifacts and Technology

25th century natives can immediately understand and use most 25th-28th century technology. Experimental Shadow-Years or Alien tech must be figured out normally, but at +4 in addition to any intelligence bonuses. All 25th century humans are treated as ‘pure strain humans’ when figuring out unknown artifacts. They can teach others normally.


OmegaProject-Team6.jpgAs with all teams, ‘Omega Team Six’ consists of seven volunteers culled from the most capable members of the 25th-century Omega Project organization. Each team member possesses exceptional personal attributes, special skills and professional experience deemed useful in a future post-apocalyptic world. Despite this, the Omega Teams tend to be a mixed bag. The fringe nature of the Omega Project initially attracted a large proportion of social outcasts and wannabes that had to be weeded out or permanently sidelined in the lower ranks of the organization. Sometimes compromises were necessary to achieve the right mix of skills in each team. Naturally there were clashes between big egos and strong personalities. Nor were everyone’s personal reasons for joining this desperate cause always complementary.

The rough edges of each team were rounded out, or incompatibilities discovered, during six-month total-immersion survival training. This training was conducted in-country by the very best military and survival training contractors the Project could afford. Some of the most competent members didn’t join until very late in the 2490’s due to increased publicity from the rapidly worsening global situation. Most of these high-caliber new recruits ended up thrown into teams at the very last moment. Team Six was one of the lucky exceptions. All seven members completed the full six-month in-country survival training as a group, just prior to global Project activation in 2499.

Omega Team Six is divided into two ‘Sections’ with three and four ‘Specialists’ respectively. Alpha Section is led by the overall Team Commander, Elliot Smith, and includes two ‘Security Specialists’ skilled in martial affairs. Beta Section is led by the ‘Science Specialist’ Dave Bernard and includes three Specialists in technical, social and medical sciences. In recognition of the violent environment the teams would likely encounter during operations, the 1st and 2nd team leadership positions are reserved to the Alpha Team Commander and Security Detail Section Leader, respectively. The Beta Section ‘Science Specialist’ is 3rd in command.

Team Six has woken nearly 250 years late to discover a world completely different and far worse off than anyone in the Omega Project could possibly have anticipated. How will they hold up under the immense pressures of a world gone insane, populated by a tiny remnant of intelligent life, and preyed upon by powerful alien beings?

Omega Team Six

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