Oni Chandra

Ex-Muunokhoi tribal, now a merchant, gunrunner and outlaw from the New Salt City area


Name: Oni Chandra | Merchant, Gunrunner, Outlaw
Pure Strain Human


Mental Strength 14
Intelligence 13
Dexterity 10
Charisma 16
Constitution 15
Physical Strength 11
Perception 13
Hit Points 65


  1. 2x Pistol, Muzzle Loading Percussion Cap (DII/40/1kg/ER:10,LR:30/C:1/ROF:1 every 2 AT/RLTime:1AT/D:2d6/E:powder failure requires 3 full AT to clear)
  2. Switchblade, 12cm (~II/16/.2kg/D:1d3 + Intensity 10 poison/ER:3m)
  3. Gas Mask (AII/150/.5kg/E:Protects against gas attacks(gas-based poison resistance +12); +2 persistent rad resistance; cannot move FAST for more than 1 consecutive AT while wearing mask)


  1. GUNS (25)
  2. STEALTH (40)
  3. SPEECH (40)
  4. BARTER (80)

A man of average height wearing desert robes, with dark olive skin and wide full lips, beard and double chin, and black eyes in dark sockets downdrawn at the corners.

Oni is originally of the Muunokhoi raider tribe, cast out 15 years ago after his family lost a power struggle over succession to the Hetmanship. Since that time Oni has achieved a degree of success and claims to own property in New Salt City. His schemes are many and varied, his guile and cunning legendary. Oni strayed far from his usual territory in the quest for wealth and overplayed his hand, ending up with a bounty on his head.

Oni met his end staked out for carrin-fodder on a bald hill above Vault 57 to demonstrate the folly of gunrunning to the watching merchant caravans and tribal scouts. Oni’s fabled bartering skills failed him at the critical moment and the Dark Emperors elected to dine on his liver rather than carry him to safety.

Gw2754 oni chandra

Oni Chandra

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