Assassin and mercenary for hire, working out of New Salt City


Name: Oona | Assassin, Mercenary, Bodyguard
Pure Strain Human


Mental Strength 15
Intelligence 15
Dexterity 17
Charisma 13
Constitution 11
Physical Strength 12
Perception 16
Hit Points 55


  1. Prefers a long range rifle with scope and night vision of some sort. For covert jobs, a Needler Pistol if available.



A compact (1.4m) figure wearing black when available. Skin and hair are very dark, almost blue-black, but facial features reveal a mix of african and mongolian/chinese ancestry.

New Salt City is Oona’s normal playground, though her origins are uncertain. Operating as an assassin-for-hire, Oona successfully played all sides of the field until her various employers compared notes and she had to flee, losing everything in the process. She was forced to work odd caravan scout jobs out in the sticks until lured away by Oni Chandra’s promises of a return to New Salt City. After Oona was captured along with Oni and Ugroz by the Vault 57 special ops team, she escaped during a wild melee with raiders on a pitch dark midnight 1 day south of Nephi. Vault 57 scouts later confirmed that Oona looted everything portable from Oni’s bunker hideout. Her whereabouts remained unknown for 3 months until she was encountered back in her old haunts at Airfield City (Lucy’s, Coopers).


Oona is known to be an accomplished martial artist despite her tiny size, having trained under a certain master who shall remain unnamed, but is known to moonlight as a purveyor of gifts and other nick-knacks somewhere near ‘Kranks Junk Emporium’ in Airfield City (look for the 3 ancient cedar trees).


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