Ex-member of the Radiationist cult, Ort is a squat greenish-orange humanoid with armored carapace and the ability to detect nearby mental mutations


Name: Ort | ex-cultist
Mutated Humanoid
Current Status: one of those who died during the tragic Exodus to Heavens Gate.


Mental Strength 16
Intelligence 9
Dexterity 12
Charisma 9
Constitution 14
Physical Strength 12
Perception 14
Hit Points 64


  1. Sawed-off shotgun, combat knife


Conveys natural armor class of 4. Prevents wearing any armor designed for humans (shields and other hand-held devices are OK).

+ 4 to Mental Strengh (12 + 4=16). Can concentrate to detect existence and rough location (+ / – 3m) of mental mutations within 30 meters (even through walls, doors, etc).

1.2m tall; 45kg


  1. GUNS (50)
  2. STEALTH (60)
  3. REPAIR (60)

Ort is a 1.2m tall squat troll-like biped with rough scaly orange skin, closely spaced bloodshot slit-eyes, a hairless head with heavy squashed features. Orts torso, arms and legs are enclosed in a heavy carapace of grayish-green-orange horn.

Ort was born 35 years ago in the transit tube warrens under the ‘Free Zone’ slums between the Mormon Compound and Airfield-City walls. He first made a successful living as a thief, popping up to the surface to steal what was needed by his clan. After an extended period of slim pickings and borderline starvation Ort was persuaded to join the Radiationist cult.

Ort’s ability to detect mental mutations was soon discovered and he was sent south as part of a special team tasked with locating and kidnapping latent mutant children for incorporation into the ranks of the cult. During the first expedition they were tracked and cornered by a vault 57 special operations team. Ort was captured and found to be looking for a way out of the cult. The team sent him south with a handwritten note and directions to the vault. Ort survived the journey and arrived at the vault 6 days later. Finding that Ort was skilled in GUNS and REPAIR, 1st Sgt. Drago recruited him into Ordnance Company where he now maintains guns and ammunition in the Number 1 Secondary Bunker workshop.


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