Randi "Mongol" Murchison

Mormon-appointed Sheriff of Spanish Fork


Name: Randi “Mongol” Murchison | Title: Sheriff
Pure Strain Human


Mental Strength 15
Intelligence 14
Dexterity 13
Charisma 15
Constitution 12
Physical Strength 9
Perception 14
Hit Points 65


  1. Revolver, Large Caliber [unique: S&W .500 Magnum] (DII/250/2kg/ER:30,LR:70/C:5/ROF:3/RLTime:1AT(5r)/D:3d6/E:duds do not halt firing for the round)
  2. Stun Whip (DIII/?…)
  3. Riot Armor (AII/180/6kg/AC:5)
  4. Gas Mask (AII/150/.5kg/E:Protects against gas attacks(gas-based poison resistance +12); +2 persistent rad resistance; cannot move FAST for more than 1 consecutive AT while wearing mask)
  5. Knife, 15cm (~I/5/.25kg/D:1d4/ER:10m/ROF:2)
  6. (in office: medium bore semi-auto shotgun + slugs)



A tall olive-skinned hatchet-faced man with long black hair and asiatic features, missing his left arm just above the elbow. Murchison is saving up for a cybernetic replacement from the White Hand, so is always ready to gouge temporary visitors and squatters with a random fee or citation.

Murchison holds the title ‘Sheriff’ by appointment of the Mormon Garrison Commander. As long as some semblance of order is maintained and corruption doesn’t siphon noticeable wealth away from Mormon enterprises, the “Mongol” is given a free hand. A couple of his ‘deputies’ are always on hand in case things get rowdy.

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Randi "Mongol" Murchison

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