Reverend D.R. Blackstone

A man of late-middle age with a long gaunt face, deep-set dark eyes and solemn but friendly countenance, attired in iguanodon-skin boots, long black overcoat and broad round-rimmed black hat.


Name: “Reverend” D.R. Blackstone | Preacher, Diplomat, MMPF Special Agent
Pure Strain Human
Current Status: High Councilor to the New Utah Federation at Heavens Gate. Formerly chief spymaster for the MMPF.


Mental Strength 14
Intelligence 16
Dexterity 12
Charisma 16
Constitution 12
Physical Strength 11
Perception 15
Hit Points 63


  1. ?


  1. Speech
  2. Barter
  3. ???

Reverend Blackstone is a Special Agent for the Mormon Military Police Force, a small but elite organization responsible for policing and intelligence work in Airfield City and other locations. The good Reverend serves as a traveling diplomat for the Mormons and travels regularly between settlements along the I15. Most factions hold Blackstone in high regard personally even if they are at odds with certain Mormon policies. He has a good working relationship with his counterpart from Eagle Clan, Captain Indra Tan.


‘D.R.’ Blackstone is the older brother of Conrad Blackstone, Commander of the MMPF. It is unclear if Blackstone is really part of the Mormon clergy, though he carries a crucifix and wears a somewhat rough-and-ready version of their black and gray regalia. Not much is known about the Mormon clergy as they don’t conduct any type of organized worship in public, talk about their religion even less than lay Mormons, and never proselytize.

Reverend D.R. Blackstone

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