"Slinky" Sabrina

Captain "Slinky" is an alarming sight for the uninitiated: a four meter snake-being covered with jewel-like scales of flaming orange. Then she whispers 'hello' inside your head...


Name: “Slinky” Sabrina
Rank: 13 (Captain)
Mutated Animal (snake form)
Current Status: Recently relocated from Ag-Station to Heaven’s Gate, along with her small trove of artifacts and ancient mementos.


Mental Strength 5
Intelligence 17
Dexterity 16
Charisma 13
Constitution 10
Physical Strength 13
Perception 16
Hit Points 41


  1. A lot of collected pre-war junk that she doesn’t normally carry around. She may have a few weapons in there somewhere.
  2. When outside the Vault: 1) various tools and other odds and ends in a modified TechII LBE worn over her back and across the fore-leg/arms; 2) TechII customized backpack worn high on back over front legs; 3) custom leather glove-helmet over her head which can mount a claws-free flashlight and a few tools (2kg cap).


    Size:4-meter length/45kg/can lift head 1.5 meters high; Natural AC:6; Movement:6km/600m/12m (1/2MT rate & 2/3rdST-AT rates); Natural attacks:bite for 1d6(1 coil/constriction attack attempt if bite hits – 2d6 this and following ATs until victim makes a regular strength check to break free).
    Four short legs with clawed feet; dextrous ‘hands’ capable of manipulating most equipment designed for Pure Strain Humans (1-handed weapons only).
    Conscious/24m. Sabrina can broadcast speech, thoughts, pictures and emotions into the minds of up to five sentient biological brains within 24 meters. The recipients can reply back in the same way. This power transcends language and works with all entities having biological brains, to the extent of their intelligence. Creatures with less than IN:6 can only grasp or send simple images and emotions, for example. This power cannot be used to read minds.
    Unconscious/30m. Sabrina senses the emotional state of sentient biological brains within 30 meters. She can’t read minds, but strongly senses emotions like fear, anger, jealousy, boredom, love, curiosity etc. The detection functions through any intervening materials and can be used to sense the direction but not distance of unseen creatures (but only if they are conscious and in the grip of strong emotions). Note that some sentient mutated creatures do not have detectable emotions as we understand them and cannot be empathed. Empathy can be ‘turned off’, but strong emotions directed toward Sabrina require a successful MS check to block.
    Large penalty to Mental Strength (see MS)


  1. SCAVENGING (80)
  2. STEALTH (60)
  4. BARTER (50)
  5. UNARMED (20)

Sabrina is the daughter of a fabled lizard monster that lurked in the mountains above Vault 57, like the dragons of dimly remembered pre-history. For generations the Eagle Clansmen and women told tales about the mysterious beast, until one day almost two decades ago the Warrior Colonel Maximilian Tarkus led an expedition to track the beast to it’s lair high in the mountains. Sabrina’s mother ambushed the team, killing Tarkus before being taken down. In the creatures lair a single egg was found and returned to the vault. No trace of a mate was ever found. It is theorized Sabrina was conceived by parthenogenesis.

The precious egg was tended with care by the Iguanodon-wranglers. One month later a slender orange-gold 4-legged snake was hatched, in form and color quite different from her mother. The little creature proved to be highly intelligent, beyond even the pure strain human average. “Slinky” was very curious, but at the same time gentle and timid, subject to frights and feinting spells. The first whispering, lisping voices were heard around two years after Slinky hatched. Eventually the tentative voices were traced back to the orange snake-being, who it was found could speak directly into the minds of those around her. A true prodigy! Slinky learned rapidly from that point on, and with virtually no opposition was inducted into the Scribe Company as a new ‘recruit’. She quickly grew to a length of 2 meters and continues to grow slowly to this day, but is a far cry from the huge terror that was her mother (much to the wrangler’s disappointment).

The self-named ‘Sabrina’ is able to project her voice into the minds of up to five sentient biological persons nearby, but has also learned to simulate the human voice, albeit in a soft lisping/hissing whisper audible only from 3-4 meters. She is obsessed with the poetry, art and artifacts of the ancients. Over the decades she has accumulated quite a collection, which eventually became the basis for a small museum that she proudly curates. The name of the museum reflects Sabrina’s wacky sense of humor learned from ancient holovids: ‘Dr. Slinkys Funhouse’. Sabrina has become the main Vault authority on pre-apocalypse history, or some would say ‘trivia’. Sabrina is extremely sensitive to criticism and harsh language in general, often retreating into her museum for days at a time. This personality trait is likely related to her telepathic and empathic abilities. It was soon discovered that Sabrina is highly vulnerable to any type of mental attack. Sabrina ignores or avoids anyone addressing her as ‘Captain Sabrina’, preferring ‘Doctor Slinky’ or simply ‘Sabrina’.

Sabrina spends most of her time in the museum deep within the main vault, but is always eager to join scavenging expeditions to find more of the ancient artifacts she covets. Her body shape allows her to squeeze through spaces as small as 24cm, but her slow cross-country movement is a liability on longer trips. For this reasons she usually ends up bartering with caravans to obtain artifacts and curios for her museum.

Gw2754 slinky

Sabrina’s genome is probably a unique creation of the Shadow Years – a time of unbridled genetic experimentation and feverish creativity. Almost all of these creations are now extinct or were sterile and died out. Most of the survivors are hunted monsters enduring a precarious and lonely existence in the high windswept places where no man goes. Many possess incredible physical and mental powers, though it is unclear how much of this was by design, accident, or the result of subsequent mutation.

"Slinky" Sabrina

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