The Ugroz Twins

Marko and Rodka Ugroz: collectively the most ornery, foulest and just plain butt-ugly mutant this side of the apocalypse


Name: The Ugroz Twins | Bodyguard, Sycophant, Brawler
Mutated Humanoid
Current Status: one of the ‘stay-backs’ who remained at Ag-Station and did not embark on the Exodus to Heaven’s Gate.


Mental Strength 12
Intelligence 8
Dexterity 7
Charisma 5
Constitution 13
Physical Strength 16
Perception 15
Hit Points 42


  1. Prefers a heavy-gauge shotgun, pistol and sledgehammer if he can get one


Character has two brains both of which function simultaneously. Plus 2 on die rolls when figuring out artifacts. When undergoing Mental Attack, two separate attacks are rolled (one against each brain). A successful attack on one brain affects only that brain and related abilities. Character can use two mental mutations, make two Mental Attacks, or one Mental and one Physical Attack per Action Turn. Both brains have the same MS.
2. EXTRA BODY PARTS (3 arms)
3. DEFECTIVE BODY PARTS (legs – 2/3rd MV)


  1. REPAIR (50)
  2. SURVIVAL (60)
  3. MELEE (50)

The ‘Twins’ are a 1.7m tall grotesque humanoid bizarrely mutated with two opposing heads, ‘Marko’ and ‘Rodka’ respectively, three arms and two semi-opposed legs. Marko’s head is about 20cm higher than Rodka’s. Each head controls up to two of three arms. Marko is the stronger of the two mentally and can wrest control of the middle arm if Rodka isn’t willing or is incapacitated. Due to the crippling opposed legs, intense effort is required to walk much less run (-33% move rates:8km/600m/12m). Collectively the twins have 360 degree vision and can attack with two weapons simultaneously, including up to one 2-handed weapon. Ugroz bears several tattoos, among them a red oval with 3 superimposed narrow ovals inside (symbol of the Temple of the Mushroom Cloud, or Radiationist cult).

After the demise of his previous employer, Oni Chandra, Ugroz jumped ship to Vault 57 where his repair and survival skills saved his life and earned him a job in the greenhouses. Probably due to a brief stint as a bodyguard and strong-man with the Radiationist cult, Marko and Rodka harbor a bias against pure strain humans. But Ugroz is more than anything a practical mutant and willing to work for or with anyone providing strong leadership, including humans.

Despite serious defects, Ugroz has survived this long thanks to several factors: 1) an instinct for picking the winning team; 2) good perception and 360 vision plus 3 ambidextrous arms; 3) downright piss and vinegar unwillingness to die when he is supposed to.

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The Ugroz Twins

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