Ursula "Rocky" Rodriguez

Major Rodriguez is a truly imposing figure, sporting a mane of iron-gray dreadlocks and always strapped into a perpetual second-skin of Combat Armor.


Name: Ursula “Rocky” Rodriguez | Rank: 14 (Lt. Major)
Pure Strain Human
Current Status: Promoted from Captain to Lt.Major after the Assault on Vault57. One of the lucky few to survive the skyship Exodus and reach Heavens Gate.


Mental Strength 16
Intelligence 15
Dexterity 17
Charisma 14
Constitution 14
Physical Strength 16
Perception 16
Hit Points 83


  1. Laser Rifle
  2. Combat Knife, 25cm (~I/8/.5kg/D:1d5/ER:4m)
  3. Combat Armor


  1. Legion of Honor – New Utah Federation – 2755: CH+2 (awarded for heroism during the Assault on Vault 57).


  1. PILOT (80)
  2. REPAIR (60)
  4. POWER ARMOR (40)
  5. STEALTH (20)
  6. SURVIVAL (20)

Ursula is the universal bad-ass super-soldier and likes to let everyone know it. In the words of Big Ben, “she’s one bad mama-jama”. Not that she’s stupid or incapable of self-reflection – she’s highly intelligent and knows how to do what it takes to get what she wants.

Ironically, she was born into the Scribe Company, but her all-around excellence in every attribute opened doors everywhere. By the time she was 17 all the Companies were competing for her favor. She picked Engineer Company thinking they would be pushovers. ‘Rocky’, as she is affectionately known in Engineer Company, was competitive, athletic, and inclined to take charge wherever and whenever she could. From the perspective of the Scribe officers, her worst offense was a love of violent action…perhaps love is too weak a word: Ursula RELISHED confrontation and intuitive leaps into danger. She was on her way out of Scribe Company before they could even think to show her the door.

Ursula’s impetuous nature and borderline disrespect of superiors made advancing up the ranks a long painful process with many a retrograde movement…two steps forward, one step back. Now approaching 50 seasons, her character has been leavened by years of experience and heavy responsibilities. She still considers the Scribes to be dead weight, but keeps her mouth shut in public. Especially around General Morgan, from whom she has had to endure a public dressing down on more than one occasion.

Gw2754 rocky

With superior dexterity, intelligence and perception, this woman was born to operate machines and vehicles of all sorts. Lt. Ursula has made a name for herself in the past decade as chief pilot for the elite hovercraft team, one of the small group of prodigies able to pilot that temperamental atomic/steam-powered contraption of the Shadow Years without turning it into a big duraluminum lawn-dart. She’s not really gunning for a top spot in Engineer Company any longer, though she has her fans.

Ursula "Rocky" Rodriguez

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