Vehicle: Airship

Primitive dirigibles lofted by hot air inflating huge bags of sewn rackoxen, iguanodon or sandworm gut


Summary: Crew 2-12/EII/3500-6000(3000+500 per 2 crew)/HP:40-240 (40 per 2 crew)/AC:6-8/Cargo:100-600kg (100kg per 2 crew)/Power:Bio-methane burner + Alcohol Combustion or Electric Motor/Max Engine Speed:18-36kph (2d10+16),subtract any headwind,add any tailwind+25% of engine max speed/Duration:1-2 days (methane),7-16 hours (combustion),8 hours followed by 8-hour/5kph-airspeed recharge period (electric + solar cells)/Fuel Con:20ltr alcohol/hour (combustion))


  • Complexity: E
  • Tech Level: II
  • Value: 3500-6000cr (3000+500 per 2 crew)
  • HP: 40-240 (40 per 2 crew)
  • AC: 6-8
  • Crew & Passengers: 2-12
  • Cargo: 100-600kg cargo (100kg per 2 crew)
  • Power: Methane (buoyancy); Alcohol Combustion or Electric Motor (propulsion & maneuver)
  • Airspeed: 18-36kph (2d10+16) max engine speed, subtracting any headwind, adding any tailwind to a total max speed of tailwind+25% of engine speed.
  • Flight Ceiling: 500-3000m (5d6*100)
  • Duration: 1-2 days (d2/methane torch); 7-16 hours (1d10+6/combustion); 8 hours followed by 8-hour/5kph-airspeed daylight-only recharge period (electric + solar cells).
  • Fuel Consumption: 1 charge/8 hours (solar cells); 20ltr alcohol/hour (combustion)

These primitive dirigibles are lofted high by hot air inflating huge bags of sewn rackoxen, iguanodon or sandworm gut (the most highly prized material). Air is heated by burning compressed bio-methane gas. Propulsion is provided by electric or alcohol-powered props of limited power. Airships are mostly restricted to traveling with the seasonal winds (north in winter, south in summer), across the wind, or directly into a light headwind under 25kph. Some few airships with powerful engines can make way in 30kph headwind (5-6kph net airspeed). Piloting and maintaining these cranky contraptions has been refined to a rare and almost magical art form over the decades. Occasionally an airship is blown far afield or lost to high winds, sandstorms or rad-storms.

Vehicle: Airship

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