Armor, Powered Alloyed Plate (Combine)

2nd generation powered plate armor issued to about 20% of Combine front-line forces by the last half of wwIV


Summary: EIII/1000/40kg + 12kg Atomic Cell (0kg when powered and worn)/AC:2


  • Complexity: E
  • Tech Level: III
  • Armor Class: 2
  • Value: 1000cr
  • Weight: 40kg + 12kg Atomic Energy Cell (0kg when powered and worn)
  • Duration: 44 hours (1 Atomic Energy Cell)
  • Power: 1 Atomic Cell

Suit Features:

  1. Integrated Communicator
  2. Integrated Enhanced Senses + UV/IR vision with Thermal Scope capability[2*LR day-night, any rifle or carbine]
  3. Integrated Medi-kit/Healing Capacity: 40,120; Drug Bank: 0-4 Stim Dose; 0-4 Pain Reducer
  4. 72 hour re-breather oxygen supply & NBC filtration-sterilization
  5. 12 Rad Resistance
  6. PS=20 (WCIII powered fists do 3d6 damage / unarmed skill)
  7. PE+4
  8. Enhanced Myoelectric Musculature [unburdened movement up to 30kg, burdened up to 60kg, no heavily burdened rate]
  9. Reflective/Ablative Coating: If in NEW condition, defeats the first two laser weapon strikes. If in EXCELLENT condition, defeats the first such attack.

All powered armor allows simultaneous use of all integrated features in a single action turn including moving & firing of 1 hand-held and all integrated weapons.

Power armor and loaded Atomic Cell(s) are checked for malfunction upon startup and every 4 hours of operation. Power armor condition and cells condition stacks. Example: a poor quality power armor suit + 2 good quality cells fails on 1-2=suit failed; 3-4=cell #1 failed; 5-6=cell #2 failed. Power armor suits require a full complement of working cells in order to function. Failed and immobile or unpowered suits allow manual emergency egress by the wearer in 1AT, but this always results in ‘broken’ suit condition, if it wasn’t already broken.

Ingress/Egress time is 3 minutes (1 minute with POWER ARMOR skill).


This 2nd-gen power armor was developed in the first decade of the 27th century and first deployed in substantial numbers with the Combine’s South American invasion fleet in the year 2610. By 2612 thousands of suits had been delivered to front-line Combine Shock Troops in North America and Asia.

This advanced suit enabled the Combine foot infantryman to carry extremely heavy weapons such as auto-cannons, heavy missile launchers, man-portable fusion rifles and nuclear or anti-matter demolition charges, and have a decent chance of surviving attacks from such weapons as well. Soldiers wearing these suits and working in coordinated, highly trained teams could defeat all but the largest combat robots.

Armor, Powered Alloyed Plate (Combine)

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