Armor, Powered / Energized (UWS)

2nd generation jump-capable powered armor issued to elite UWS air assault / orbital drop troops. This model is fitted with early force screen technology.


Summary: EIII/1500/30kg+24kg cells(0kg when powered and worn)/AC:2


  • Complexity: E
  • Tech Level: III
  • Armor Class: 2
  • Value: 1500cr
  • Weight: 30kg + 24kg Atomic Energy Cells (0kg when powered and worn)
  • Duration: 60 hours / 3600 Energy Units (2 Atomic Energy Cells)
  • Power: 2 Atomic Cells

Suit Features:

  1. Integrated Communicator
  2. Integrated Enhanced Senses + UV/IR vision with Thermal Scope capability[2*LR day-night, any rifle or carbine]
  3. Integrated Medi-kit/Healing Capacity: 40-200; Drug Bank: 0-4 Anti-Radiation Serum; 0-4 Pain Reducer; 0-4 Poison Antidote
  4. 72 hour re-breather oxygen supply & NBC filtration-sterilization
  5. 12 Rad Resistance
  6. PS=18 (WCII powered fists do 2d6 damage / unarmed skill)
  7. PE+4
  8. Jetpack jumps of 180m every other AT [180×5alt,170×10, 160×20,150×30, etc.; Energy Unit cost is 1min per 10m jumped; Requires DX check upon landing or stunned and prone for that AT and the next (or land using POWER ARMOR:EASY)]
  9. 360-degree Partial Force Screen: absorbs 50% damage from each hit, up to 25pts per AT; Energy Unit cost is 1 per minute of operation + 1 per point absorbed; can be turned on/off at start of each AT
  10. Usable unpowered @ SLOW move rate only, but features 1-9 are unavailable; PS:12 required; Rad Resistance:8)
  11. Reflective/Ablative Coating: If in NEW condition, defeats the first two laser weapon strikes. If in EXCELLENT condition, defeats the first such attack.
  12. Atomic Cell Cross-Leveling: can ‘cross-level’ Atomic Cells with dissimilar charges. Example: 1 cell @ 50% and 1 @ 25% can be cross-leveled to 37.5% each.

All powered armor allows simultaneous use of all integrated features in a single action turn including moving & firing of 1 hand-held and all integrated weapons.

Power armor and loaded Atomic Cell(s) are checked for malfunction upon startup and every 4 hours of operation. Power armor condition and cells condition stacks. Example: a poor quality power armor suit + 2 good quality cells fails on 1-2=suit failed; 3-4=cell #1 failed; 5-6=cell #2 failed. Power armor suits require a full complement of working cells in order to function. Failed and immobile or unpowered suits allow manual emergency egress by the wearer in 1AT, but this always results in ‘broken’ suit condition, if it wasn’t already broken.

Ingress/Egress time is 3 minutes (1 minute with POWER ARMOR skill).



Eagle Clan possesses several functioning ‘Energized Power Armor’ suits, handed down from the original ancestors who arrived at Vault 57 during the Proxy Wars 130 years ago.

Armor, Powered / Energized (UWS)

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