Armor, Vacuum Suit

Smart-material space suits used in space craft, space stations and inner-system colonies of the late 25th century.


Summary: EIII/300/8kg/AC:5/E:1.50m EVA reel-umbilical with air and power transmission;2.Communicator(50km);3.Headlamps(40m);4.24 hour internal air supply(self-powered);5.15 rad resistance;6.EVA maneuver thrusters(8m/AT-16m@FAST-4m@SLOW,50AT reaction mass,self-powered);7.integrated energy cell backup for comms and headlamps (48 hours).


  • Complexity: E
  • Tech Level: III
  • Armor Class: 5
  • Value: 300cr
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Fit: these suits adjust themselves to the wearers shape and can accommodate all but the most freakish mutated humanoids and beast-men (bipedal, one head and no more than 4 arms – 2 arms will be tucked inside the suit torso and rendered useless).

Suit Features:

  1. 50m EVA reel-umbilical with air and power transmission. Non-functional (cut) if suit is ‘BROKEN’.
  2. Integrated Communicator (50km). Non-functional if suit is ‘BROKEN’.
  3. 24 hour internal air supply(self-powered). Reduce to 20hr(80%)/12hr(50%/5hr(20%)/1hr(5%) if EXC/GOOD/POOR/BROKEN condition.
  4. 15 rad resistance / NEW condition. Reduce to 12/8/4/2 if EXC/GOOD/POOR/BROKEN condition (exposure to space = INT:8 radiation).
  5. EVA maneuver thrusters (8m/AT-16m@FAST-4m@SLOW,50AT reaction mass,self-powered). Reduce to 40/25/10/4 if EXC/GOOD/POOR/BROKEN condition.
  6. Integrated 48-hour energy cell backup for comms and headlamps. Non-functional if suit is ‘BROKEN’.

Ingress/Egress time is 5 minutes (-1 minute per point of ‘Zero-G Experience’, 3AT minimum).
Damage: each time the self-sealing vac-suit takes 10+ points of damage from a single attack (melee/unarmed strike, bullet group, beam, explosion, etc), condition is reduced by 1 step (NEW—>EXC—>GOOD—>POOR—>BROKEN)
Repair: specialized ‘Vac-suit Patch Kits’ can be used to increase suit condition by 1 step each time (REPAIR:HARD;+ 20 bonus from patch kit;no repair kits apply). Any available ‘Duck Tape’, ‘Tire Repair Kit’ or Tech-II ‘Adhesive Paste’ can also be used to attempt a repair, but without the +20 bonus.



Armor, Vacuum Suit

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