Armor, Combat

Standard unpowered personal armor worn by front line soldiers in the Shadow Years. 60% of all front-line ww4 troops were equipped with this armor. Heavy but effective, this is the best unpowered ballistic and energy protection available.


Summary: BII/480/10kg/AC:3/Helmet features integrated Communicator requiring a separate Chemical Energy Cell to function.


  • Complexity: B
  • Tech Level: II
  • Armor Class: 3
  • Value: 480cr
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Features:
  1. Helmet / Integrated Communicator: 1 chemical energy cell for 200 hours;10km range(50km to-from Comm Sender);equal chance for 3 incompatible types: Combine,UWS,NYP.
  2. Helmet / Vision: visor and variable-tinted shield provides combination benefit equivalent to goggles, hat and sunglasses, plus contrast improvement and additional glare reduction.
  3. If wearing only the helmet and a wound is sustained to the head location, re-check the hit against AC3.

Armor, Combat

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