Drug, Stim Dose

Military-grade bio-accelerator popular with Shadow Years special ops personnel, also standard issue for all Combine front line troops during wwIV


Summary: EIII/40/.1kg/E:10cm tube;halved exhaustion,DX+1,PS+3,speed*2 for 4 hours;must rest 4 hours or permanently lose 3 PS;MH-MA-65% else 3d6 poison


  • Complexity: E
  • Tech Level: III
  • Value: 40cr
  • Weight: .1kg
  • Effect: 1) immediately halves exhaustion count; 2) DX+1, PS+3 and movement speed*2 for 4 hours – must rest 4 hours afterwards or permanently lose 1-3 PS; 3) 65% likely to be effective when used by Mutated Humanoids or Mutated Animals. If ineffective, subject suffers intensity 3d6 poison exposure.

Drug, Stim Dose

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