Energy: Atomic Cell

Heavy 60cm duralloy cylinders used to power various advanced artifacts from the Shadow Years.


Summary: AIII/200/12kg


  • Complexity: A
  • Tech Level: III
  • Value: 200cr
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Effect: Provides power for energy-hungry artifacts from the Shadow Years including power armor, certain vehicles, and high-energy weapons such as the man-portable fusion rifle. Emergency power for combat robots and military vehicles.

The ‘Atomic Cell’ produces between 50KW and 2MW through reciprocating electromechanical action. Heat is provided by fission of molten Plutonium-239 inside a local anti-gravity well. Up to 40% of total power output is used to maintain the gravity well. Fission is suspended until the battery is plugged into a special umbilical or connector enabling a compatible device to communicate it’s energy requirements. Use of Pl-219 provides a shelf-life in the thousands of years. These heavy cylinders emit a thrumming noise and lots of waste heat when actively generating power.


Energy: Atomic Cell

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