Energy Pistol, Stun Ray

The Stun-Ray pistol projects a blue-white flash/bang/stun plasma beam to a range of 60 meters. Popular with security and guard personnel before and during the Shadow Years. This weapon is prized by wasteland slavers.

weapon (ranged)

Summary: DIII/250/1kg/ER:30,LR:60/C:10s(1 solar cell),8s(1 chemical cell)/ROF:2/RLTime:1AT/D:3d6 poison check(half@LR), cumulative with all hits in same round, # result indicates stunned for indicated rounds, D indicates unconscious for 1-20 minutes;effective only vs. man-sized (< 2m) living targets



  • Complexity: D
  • Tech Level: III
  • Weapon Class: 16
  • Value: 250cr
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Effective Range: 30m; Long Range: 60m
  • Capacity: 10s(1 solar cell), 8s(1 chemical cell)
  • Rate of Fire: 2
  • Reload Time: 1 Action Turn
  • Damage per Shot: 3d6 poison check(half@LR),cumulative with all hits in same round. A ‘#’ result indicates stunned for the specified number of rounds. A ‘D’ Result indicates unconscious for 1-20 minutes. Effective only vs. man-sized (<2m) living targets

Energy Pistol, Stun Ray

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