Energy Rifle, Mark VII Blaster

This potent energy weapon was assigned to power armor troops on both sides of wwIV. Most include a power armor umbilical or connector and employ hydrogen cells for backup power.

weapon (ranged)

Summary: DIII/1200/3kg/ER:240,LR:480/C:6s(2 tandem hydrogen cells)/ROF:2/RLTime:2AT/D:ER-8d6,LR-half damage


  • Complexity: D
  • Tech Level: III
  • Weapon Class: 10
  • Value: 1200cr
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Effective Range: 240m; Long Range: 480m
  • Capacity: 6 shots (2 tandem hydrogen cells)
  • Rate of Fire: 2
  • Reload Time: 2 Action Turns
  • Damage per Shot: 8d6 (half damage at Long Range)

Energy Rifle, Mark VII Blaster

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