Vehicle/Beast: Iguanodon Pack Lizard

5-10 meter long giant mutated lizards used extensively as pack animals throughout the Utah region.


Summary: HD:10d6/AC:7/CN:16/M:Normal human walking pace; can run at ‘FAST’ pace for up to 3 Action Turns (30 seconds) per 10 minutes; if traveling overland, use ‘NORMAL’ rates: ‘UNBURDENED’ if carrying nothing or ‘BURDENED’ if carrying any significant weight (>10kg and up to maximum load).

Available for purchase in some settlements at prices ranging from 200-900cr depending on size (small, medium, large). Iguanodons cannot be used as mounts, but carry pack loads in large wicker and leather frames and baskets. Price and carry capacity are based on HP: 20-30=200cr/150kg;31-45=500cr/300kg;;45+=900cr/500kg. Each lizard requires 10/20/30kg of Tech 0 food (animal or insect flesh) every 6 days and can go without water for 20 days by eating cactus or other desert herbage. Carrion and other organic material inedible to PCs will do. PCs with SURVIVAL skill can locate 10kg per foraging skill check (1 step easier than normal difficulty, by terrain type). Iguanodons can drink poisoned water without ill effect and have a natural radiation resistance of 6.


Vehicle/Beast: Iguanodon Pack Lizard

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