Pipe Rifle

Primitive single-shot breech-loading rifles firing scavenged or reloaded pre-war cartridge ammunition, these weapons are manufactured in quantity by the Mormons of New Salt City.

weapon (ranged)

The term ‘Pipe Rifle’ describes a wide range of primitive longarms manufactured after 2650 and designed to fire original or reloaded pre-war cartridges. All Pipe Rifles not in NEW or EXCELLENT condition are susceptible to catastrophic failure and permanently destroyed on any to-hit roll of 1. Destroyed pipe rifles can still be used to repair other pipe rifles in less than excellent condition.


  1. Pipe Carbine, Light Breech Loading – DII/50/2kg/ER:50,LR:100/C:1/ROF:1/RLTime:~/D:1d6(med.caliber pistol ammo)
  2. Pipe Rifle, Light Breech Loading – DII/80/3kg/ER:80,LR:160/C:1/ROF:1/RLTime:~/D:1d8
  3. Pipe Rifle, Heavy Breech Loading – DII/120/4kg/ER:100,LR:200/C:1/ROF:1/RLTime:~/D:3d6

Detail: (Light Carbine/Light Rifle/Heavy Rifle)

  • Complexity: D
  • Tech Level: II
  • Weapon Class: 7/8/9
  • Value: 50cr/80cr/120cr
  • Weight: 2kg/3kg/4kg
  • Effective Range: 50m/80m/100m; Long Range: 100m/160m/200m
  • Capacity: 1 round
  • Rate of Fire: 1 per Action Turn
  • Reload Time: 1 Action Turn (various single-shot mechanisms including drop-breech-blocks, break open action, etc.)
  • Damage per Shot: 1d6/1d8/3d6

The first serviceable ‘pipe rifles’ were probably manufactured starting in the 3rd decade of the 28th century by the Mormon Compound north of New Salt City, founded around the year 2715. Light models were built primarily for export to settlements up and down the I15. A sizable number of these weapons found their way into the hands of Raiders and other Tribals.

The ‘Heavy’ pipe rifle, chambered for various pre-war high-caliber rifle rounds, is a mainstay of the Mormon Army and Mormon Home Guard (militia). A mormon-manufactured pipe rifle can be identified by the unique symbol of the Mormons inscribed into the receiver: the ‘all-seeing eye’ and pyramid, along with a date of manufacture below the abbreviation “MHA” (though to stand for ‘Mormon Home Armory’).

Pipe rifles originating from farther north are identified by an anvil+hammer symbol inscribed above the characters “B.T.F.” and usually but not always a date (not earlier than 2730). “B.T.F.” is thought to stand for “Brigtown Foundry”, presumably in Brigtown, a settlement somewhere beyond the Great Salt Flats north of New Salt City.

Pipe Rifle

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