Radiation Detector

A rare and coveted relic of the Shadow Years or pre-ww3 era, this device detects all forms of harmful persistent radiation


Summary: BIII/500/.5kg/E:detects radiation intensity and direction/source within 10m;reduces persistent rad exposure during travel in irradiated areas depending on movement rate – STAT=75%, SLOW=50%, NORMAL=25%, FAST=none;1 chem cell=24hrs of operation


  • Complexity: B
  • Tech Level: III
  • Value: 500cr
  • Weight: .5kg
  • Power Source: Broadcast, Line, or 1 Chemical cell for 24hrs of operation.
  • Effect: 1) detects radiation intensity and direction & source within 10m; 2) reduces persistent rad exposure per March Turn (4 hours) in most irradiated areas, depending on movement rate – STATIONARY=75% reduction, SLOW=50%r, NORMAL=25%r, FAST=no reduction.

Radiation Detector

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