Rifle, Light Assault

Magazine-fed cartridge-based selective-fire projectile weapon still in use before and during the Shadow Years with 2nd line troops, security forces and militias.

weapon (ranged)

Summary: DII/400/4kg/ER:125,LR:250/C:20-30-40r magazine/ROF:Mode 1=6*Single Shots;Mode 2=4*3r-Bursts:1-3r,ER-only;Mode 3=1*Full Auto:maxrange-50,2-20r/2-30r/2-40r in 6×6m area,1-8r per target in area/RLTime:1AT/D:1d8



  • Complexity: D
  • Tech Level: II
  • Weapon Class: 8
  • Value: 400cr
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Effective Range: 125m; Long Range: 250m
  • Capacity: 20r,30r,40r (1 magazine)
  • Rate of Fire:
    - Mode 1=6*Single Shot
    - Mode 2=4*3r-Bursts: 1-3r, ER only
    - Mode 3=Full Auto: 2-20r/2-30r/2-40r in 6×6m area,1-8r per target in area (50m max range)
  • Reload Time: 1 Action Turn
  • Damage per Round: 1d8

Rifle, Light Assault

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