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The Wasteland Wordsmith – a monthly literary broadsheet of the ‘Vault Literary Society and Social Club’
Ghost Bear Crater Monument

In May 2755, the ‘Indian Valley Team’ took on the new name of ‘Ghost Bear Brigade’, after a legendary feral mutant they destroyed in the mountains east of Efram, Utah Region, former Union of Western States. Their heroic return with an intact skyship fusion reactor precipitated the ‘Conclave of 2755’ between Eagle Clan, Mount Pleasant and the Mormon Authority. Captain Underwood of Mount Pleasant delivered the promised reward, which the team decked out with the skull from the slain ‘Ghost Bear’. Gooptaz and other skilled tanners turned the beasts furry hide into a set of five matching cloaks, and a pair of fuzzy dice for their new hoopty.


Dice Rolling in MapTool

So everyone can see your dice rolls in MapTool, there’s a dice rolling feature built into the Chat window. To roll an arbitrary number of any type of dice, just type “/roll [#]d[sides]” and hit ENTER, where [#] is the number of dice, and [sides] is the sidedness of the dice. Note that [#] can be omitted for only one die. For example:
/roll 2d6 [ENTER]
Rolls 2d6 and shows the result: "* csvanhoeven rolls: 2d6 => 9 "
/roll d100 [ENTER]
Rolls percentile and shows the result: "* csvanhoeven rolls: d100 => 48 "
You can also add or subtract arbitrary numbers to the result, e.g. for a strength bonus or whatever:
/roll d8+1 [ENTER] results in: "* csvanhoeven rolls: d8+1 => 4 + 1 = 5 "

So you don’t have to keep typing for each individual dice roll, you can create a button:
1) Click the Window menu, then select Global if not already checked. The “Global” window should display.
2) Inside the Global window, right click anywhere, then select Add New Macro. A (new) button should appear.
3) Right-click the (new) button and select Edit. A Macro window should display:


4) In the Label field, type a descriptive name for the button.
5) In the Group field (not required), you can type a name that this dice roll button will be grouped with in the Global window (see screen shot below).
6) In the Command field, type a dice-rolling macro using the Chat window syntax as described above.
7) Click the OK button.
8) Click the newly-created button to execute its dice-rolling macro.
9) Repeat steps (2) thru (7) as necessary for other dice combinations.


Ghost Bear Brigade

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