Omega Team Organization

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Personnel for the prospective ‘Omega Teams’ were recruited from the most capable members of the Omega Project community (or ‘cult’ in the opinion of many contemporary commentators). Each team included two ‘sections’ with three and four ‘Specialists’ respectively. Alpha Section would be led by the overall Team Commander and include two ‘Security Specialists’ skilled in martial affairs. Prospective members of the Security Detail required military experience in short supply within the Omega community. Omega members typically gained this experience through service in national militaries and intelligence agencies between the years 2492 and 2498. The heart of each team was the Beta Section, consisting of four specialists in physical science, social science, technology and medicine.

Alpha Section

1. Team Commander: Responsible for overall command and decisions. Also leads the Alpha Section during combat actions. Possesses high average physical and mental traits and leadership capability.
2. Security Specialist (Security Detail / Section Leader): Responsible for the security of team personnel and material.
3. Security Specialist (Security Detail)

Beta Section

4. Science Specialist (Section Leader)
5. Technical Specialist
6. Social Specialist
7. Medical Specialist

  • Team Equipment. The standard personal equipment loadout for all team members consists of:

1. Omega Suit (3.25kg – including 1 Hydrogen Cell): this is a durable one-piece Tech IV jumpsuit including a helmet, boots and gloves. Optional lightweight duralloy/ceramic armor plate inserts at the shoulders, chest/back and groin boost protection from AC6 to AC4 (+ 3kg). The base suit weighs only 3kg and provides the following integrated features:

    • AC6 base; AC4 with armor inserts.
    • Chameleon capability (base 60 or + 60 STEALTH, as ‘Chameleon Suit’): Energy Usage – 30/hour
    • Intensity 6 radiation resistance
    • Respirator (as ‘Gas Mask’) for a total radiation resistance of 8
    • Utility Belt with 4kg capacity
    • ‘Force Shield’ projector: Energy Usage – 10/AT (10 seconds)
    • Helmet, providing ‘Combat Helmet’ visual capability, with integrated Communicator and UV/Thermal flip-down Nightvision Goggles.
    • All suit features are powered by 1 hydrogen cell (.25kg) / Energy Capacity: 300

2. Drug Kit (belt: 1kg) with 3xAccelera Dose, 3xAnti-Radiation Serum, 3xCure-In Dose, 1x Pain Reducer, 36x purification tablets (each tablet removes all rads and poison from up to 10 liters of water or 1 man-day of food. Can be consumed directly to eliminate 3 rads and 3 poison already incurred, max 3 tablets daily).
3. Weapons (belt: 1.25kg): 1 Laser Pistol (.5kg) + Hydrogen Cell (.25kg); 1 Energy Dagger (.25kg) + 1 Hydrogen Cell (.25kg).
4. Radiation Detector (belt: .75kg / including 1 Hydrogen Cell – 7 days continuous operation)
5. Glow Cube (belt: .75kg / including 1 Hydrogen Cell)
6. Extra Energy Cells (belt: .5kg): 2 Hydrogen Cells
7. Survival Pack (8.75kg = (.5kg + 8.25kg)); Tech III Backpack with 15kg capacity, containing:

    • Tech III Shelter (.5kg);
    • Tech III Bedroll (1kg)
    • 8 days Tech III food (8 .25kg plastic packages; 2kg)
    • 4 liters water (4 1kg plastic containers; 4kg)
    • 3 Hydrogen Cells (.75kg)

Load without Pack: 7.5kg (all Beta-Section members have minimum 9 strength)
Load with Pack: 16.25kg

  • Specialized Team Equipment

Alpha Section members carry the following additional or alternate standard equipment:

1. Laser Rifle (2.25kg / including 1 Hydrogen Cell)
2. Energy Blade (.75kg / including 1 Hydrogen Cell) / replaces ‘Energy Dagger’
3. Load Bearing Equipment, Tech III (.5kg/E:Carry 6kg items accessible in 1AT).
4. 3 additional Hydrogen Cells (LBE: .75kg)
5. 2 Chemex grenades; 2 Stun grenades (LBE: 1kg)

Load without Pack: 12.75kg (Alpha Section members all have minimum 13 strength)
Load with Pack: 21.5kg

Beta Section members may carry additional specialized equipment such as Medi-kit, Tech III Doctor Bag, Repair Kits, etc.

  • Vulnerability to Radiation and Poisons

25th century humans do not have the high natural resistance to radiation and poison found in all surviving inhabitants of the 28th century. Radiation and poison intensity is doubled for Omega team members. 1 Rad is gained per day spent outside an Omega bunker or vehicle – this can be blocked by rad protection gear, such as the Omega Jumpsuit. Rads are not lost naturally 1/daily as they are for 28th century natives. 1/1 Poison/Rad is gained per man-day of impurified food and water consumed.

  • Vehicles

Each Omega Team is equipped with the following vehicles:

1. RAPTOR. Advanced AGrav/VTOL aircraft with 400kph forward airspeed and armored skin (AC:3/300hp). Radius of Action: 600km. Each minute of stationary hover counts as 10km range used. 1200km total flight distance per set of 6 atomic cells. Up to 24 additional atomic cells (~300kg) can be carried in cargo area (craft must land to replace / requires 30 man-minutes on the ground). Flight Ceiling: 4km (optimal), 12km (ma…2x energy usage @ 4-8km, 4x @ 8-12km). The craft features two parallel underbody hardpoints for attachment of various equipment ‘pods’ including weaponry, up to 4 medevac/cargo pods (2 per hardpoint @ 100kg capacity each), or a scientific instrument and sensor pod (1. provides senses equivalent to combat robot/PA helmet for pilot/copilot; 2. 40km broadband micro-radar array in front 120-degree cone; 3. instruments – pressure, temp, wind, contamination levels, etc.; 4. missile pod: 2x range & + 4 to-hit). Weapon pods include missiles (2 per hardpoint/’guided’ point attack versions), 20mm autocannon + 200r ammo (ER:400,LR:800/D:4d6/ROF:2*20r-bursts,1-20r strike 12m area,1-6r per target/100rHE & 100rAP selectable ammo/uses both hardpoints), Minigun (As 2x LMG per hardpoint, 400r), or Heavy Gas Lasers (1 per hardpoint/ER:800,LR:1600 /D:12d6/ROF:2/1 Atomic Cell each for 10 shots). The pilot and gunner/co-pilot positions provide UV/Thermal-Goggle vision and + 2 to hit with all hardpoint weapons. Up to 2 other crew can fire weapons from crew bay doors with AC:3 protection. Radiation/Gas Resistance: 8/18 (pressurized). Crew + Passenger Capacity: 4 + 4. Cargo Capacity: 500kg.

2. ARK. Four-axle oblate-wheeled atomic-powered ground transport with articulated chassis and armored skin (AC:2/900hp). Speed: 120kph base speed (3/4 on ancient road/trail) capable of fording 3m deep water and all terrain except mountains (1/4 in hills/ruin/deathland, 1/2 in open desert). Range/Duration: 2000km or 6 months on 8 Atomic Cells. The vehicle features a medical bay (+ 30 MED tasks; 2 ‘medikits’), workshop (+ 20 all REPAIR tasks; 10 sets of spare Ark parts @ + 20 repair each; 1 portable Ark toolkit @ + 20 repair; 1 of every other portable repair kit), science lab (soil/water/air analysis), sleeping compartment for 4, kitchenette, 600 liter water storage (can purify 100 liters/minute), recharging facilities for chemical/solar/hydrogen cells. Up to 8 crew or passengers can fire personal weapons from ports located on top (360*2), front (1), rear (1) and sides (4) of the Ark while protected by vehicle armor. The driver’s position provides UV/Thermal-Goggle vision. Radiation/Gas Resistance: 12/18. Crew + Passenger Capacity: 4 + 8. Cargo Capacity: 1200kg (800kg internal & 400kg externally accessible).

3. Two advanced oblate-wheeled electric cross-country motorcycles (same performance as military alcohol engine motorcycle). Can run for 1200km on 1 Atomic Cell. Crew + Passenger Capacity: 1 + 1. Cargo: 50kg. The bikes are typically stored inside the rear cargo area of the “Ark” and can exit/enter the cargo area via automatic ramp (using 100kg cargo space each).

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Omega Team Organization

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