The Daedalus Star-ship




1. Sensor Mast
2. Bridge and Flight Operations Deck
3. Electromagnetic Shield Projector
GM notes: During interstellar travel this retractable 800-meter device generates a 2500km diameter teardrop-shaped EM field forward of the Daedalus which both protects the star-ship from interstellar particles and background radiation and gathers up around 16 billion tons of interstellar medium during the course of the 10.5ly trip to Epsilon Eridani. 75% of this material is hydrogen. Half of this hydrogen is converted to anti-hydrogen by the Anti-hydrogen Generator Stack for use in the Antimatter Drive Core. The EM field is reversed during the 2nd half of the interstellar trip (deceleration). This device can alternately project a 2400-point energy screen (per Space Combat Action Turn – SCAT) around the Daedalus during interplanetary operations (50%-shiftable across 6 allocation quadrants).
4. Crew Decks
GM notes: 1) Exoplanetary Ops + 4 shuttle docks; 2) Crew Quarters; 3) Admin; 4) Science and Manufacturing; 5)AI
5. Anti-gravity Generators
GM notes: the two 100-meter Anti-gravity Generator pods host secret 3GW X-ray lasers with a range of 40,000km. Each can fire once per SCAT and each shot uses 20 tons of available p1-B11 fuel (1000 shots, 500 after interstellar journey). A 3rd secret 3GW laser can be directed from the tip of the sensor mast to cover the front 200 degrees forward of the deployed EM shield projector (240 if undeployed). The existence of these weapons was known only to the MMCI (Star Mother), Captain, First Officer and Colonial Governor (the latter 3 are dead, early victims of alien experiments).
6. Auxiliary 40-GW Fusion Reactor + 20k tons of hydrogen-boron fuel (20 years operation at 100% output).

The Forward Sections can detach from the Aft Sections and operate as an independent spacecraft, though the aneutronic direct drive fusion engine is only capable of interplanetary travel. This leaves the Aft Sections with no energy screen and auxiliary power for only 30 days, though the three self-contained Habitat Rings can support 3k persons for many decades.


1. Habitation Ring One
GM notes: 940m diameter * 100m wide rings, each a self-contained biosphere designed to support up to 1000 humans for 100 years. These are spun for gravity upon arrival at EE-IV to accommodate the colonist advance team of 3000.
2. Colonist Staging Deck #1 and Hypersleep Modules 1-4
GM notes: Each HS Module is a self-contained fusion-powered spacecraft 475-meters long, harboring 1250 hypersleep chambers. If necessary these modules can detach from the Daedalus to orbit a planetary body or re-enter the atmosphere with a 95% chance of colonist survival in the case of a water landing on an earth-type planet (85% survival if other than water landing). The modules are is designed to float for up to 50 years in the oceans of EE-IV or earth. They can be towed and linked together to form anchored floating cities of at least 3 modules. Each Module carries 50 tons of supplies and four 25-meter electric turbine hovercraft capable of carrying 80 colonists across 12000km of water or flat land, or towing a single module across 4000km of ocean.
3. Habitation Ring Two
4. Colonist Staging Deck #2 and Hypersleep Modules 5-8
5. Habitation Ring Three
6. Cargo Decks 1-3
GM notes: Each deck features 4x 280*68 meter jettisonable cargo cylinders each holding 3000 8-meter containers, each carrying 30 metric tons of material for 90,000 tons per cylinder, 360,000 tons per Deck, or 1,080,000 tons in total. Each cargo cylinder is designed to perform powered re-entry into the atmosphere of an earth-type world and land in water (99% survival) or on land (90% survival). The cylinders float upright and function as powered ships in water. A robotic autopilot steers a course for the nearest re-entered HS Module, or as directed by the Daedalus. The cargo cylinders can be linked to each other or to HS modules to form geometric floating cities anchored to the ocean floor.
7. Anti-hydrogen Generator Stack with four 300*200 meter Hydrogen Collimators
8. Antimatter Drive Core
GM notes: Anti-hydrogen/Hydrogen annihilation generating 60,000 TWh of usable energy.
9. EM Thrust Bell Generator
10. Charged Pion Propulsor
GM notes: 5g average acceleration fully-loaded.


• Length: 4,202 meters
• Beam at widest point: 900 metres (each of 3 Hab Rings)
• Beam at narrowest point: 54 meters (Antihydrogen Generator Stack)
• Deadweight (cargo capacity): 1.2 million metric tonnes
• Mass empty: 1.8 million metric tonnes.
• Mass, fully loaded: 3 million metric tonnes
• Cargo Containers: 36,000 (8×3×3 meters)
• Crew: 124
• Bots: 96/36 Light/Heavy Cargo Lifter, 48 Cargo Transport, 32/12 Light/Heavy Engineering, 38 Repair, 12 Medical, 112 Humanoid Service, 32 Humanoid and Semi-humanoid Security, 8 Heavy Defense, 1 ‘Eve’ MMCI (Massively Multiphasic Cybernetic Installation)
GM notes: 1) 40% of the original Bot compliment can be recovered and repaired; 2) The MMCI has evolved into the self-named ‘Star Mother’ intelligence: can project herself in the form of either an energy being, an advanced android/robot hybrid (concealed aboard), or any surviving robot (there are very few left).
• Passenger Capacity (hypersleep): 10,000
• Habitation Capacity (on station): 3300
• Ships Boats: 4x STOSS vehicles, 120 escape pods (10 person capacity)
GM notes: The 4 STOSS are missing, but replacements could be found. Smaller alien spacecraft such as Xarmid Scoutcraft or Transports could be used as replacements; 2) Landing all 10k colonists using 100-person capacity ‘sardine-can’ passenger modules requires 25 trips per STOSS vehicle over 16 days. This consumes 2500 tons 1p-11B fuel, or 25% of the fuel remaining after the interstellar journey, leaving 7500 of the original 20,000 tons (7.5 years operation @ 100% output). Included in each Daedalus cargo container ‘ship’ module are facilities for seawater desalination and extraction of hydrogen and depleted boron (est.200tons/year each from Epsilon Eridani oceans).
• Main Engine: Interstellar-medium ramjet with antihydrogen powered charged pion propulsion (60,000 TW).
• Auxiliary Engine: 40 GW anuetronic fusion with pulsed direct drive (20,000 tons 1p-11B fuel)
• Fuel-to-Energy Conversion Rate: .8 (kg x m x m. By comparison, proton fusion is .008)
• Thrust: ~100 Meganewtons at 2.625ly
• Acceleration: 5g average over a 10.5ly mission
• Top speed: .999%+ light speed at 5.25 light years.
• Range: practically infinite given availability of sufficient 1p+11B fuel at each destination point (~10k tons) and availability of minimal interstellar medium during the course of each interstellar leg (1 atom per cubic centimeter, 75% hydrogen minimum).

  • Fun facts

- The Daedalus operates on a principle best described as ‘interstellar anti-matter ramjet’, feeding on the interstellar medium to achieve an average 5g acceleration over the course of a 10.5ly interstellar journey. Similar to a Bussard Ramjet, but with the magic of anti-matter power in place of fusion. Initial acceleration to .2% lightspeed is provided by the 1p+11B Auxiliary Fusion Reactor and an Earth-Sun-Jupiter triple slingshot manuever (requiring 3 months to execute).
- 40x larger than the largest terrestrial ship ever built (Seawise Giant).
- Carries 5x more cargo than the largest terrestrial cargo ship ever built (2x more than the largest oil tanker, not including 10k colonists)
- Travel Time to Epsilon Eridani is 1.88 years onboard (10 years 9 months earth-time).
- The Daedalus could reach a star 100 light years from Sol in only 2.4 years onboard (100 years earth-time), the center of our galaxy in 5.1 years (100,000 earth-years), and the nearest galaxy (Andromeda) in 6.34 years (2.5 million earth-years). However intergalactic travel is impossible for the Daedalus due to the extremely high temperatures and low volume of intergalactic medium (1 atom per intergalactic cubic meter as compared to 1 atom per interstellar cubic centimeter).

  • Sources

notes: 40k metric ton displacement for largest 450m*70m ship. The Daedalus is at least 10x this long and 4x this wide on average, or 4500×280. 450×70=31,500 square meters. 4500×280=1,260,000 square meters/ 31,500 = 40x as large. 40*40,000 metric tons = 1,600,000 tons.

Lost Tribe: Advancers


The barbaric ‘Advancers’ are descendents of the Daedalus star-ship ‘Advance Team 5’, originally charged with the task of exploring the new world orbiting Epsilon Eridani. 150 years later, their great-great-great-grandchildren worship the great ‘Sky Captain’ (aka Star Mother), who has let it be known that the time is at hand to ‘prepare Eden for those to follow’.

The Advancers wear every variety of ancient uniform including Daedalus ship crew, security teams, police, gray or green or red jumpsuits, sports teams, food service, custodial staff, even a few tuxedos and military dress uniforms. The attire is well-worn but lovingly patched with each button and bit of brass polished to a high shine. A few still wear the tattered tactical jumpsuit of their ancient forebears. These suits bear patches with the words ‘Advance Team 5’ with a shoulder patch depicting a man hold a flag planted on a green island amid a deep blue sea with the Daedalus floating high overhead. They worship a ‘Sky Captain’ who can only be the ship’s sentient AI, Star Mother.

Before encountering the Advancers, the Terran invaders discovers a strange memorial in an isolated cargo container on their way through the cargo decks of the Daedalus star-ship. A 3-meter bronze of unknown men struggling to raise a flag has been laboriously dragged to the isolated storage pod. There is obvious evidence of recent occupancy. Flowers (where did these come from?) in various states of decrepitude are laid on the base of the bronze memorial. Offerings of moldering food are lovingly placed below the statue (small animals like rats or bats and withered vegetables). The stubs of recently burned tallow candles dot the floor. Affixed to the bronze men are cloth patches torn from ancient uniforms. There are at least 300 of the patches. All are very old. The more recent ones appear to be affixed higher up the statue. There are three types of patches. The first type are rectangular in shape and spell out various names in blocky capital letters, like FRANK SAUNDERS, ADAM REITH, PATRICIA GOODWIN, etc. The second all spell ‘ADVANCE TEAM 5’ in identical black block letters. The 3rd type is a round colorful circular patch depicting a man holding a flag planted on a green island amid in a deep blue sea, with the Daedalus floating high overhead. Memorial message are scratched into the base, some featuring dates from the last decades of the 26th century. The oldest say things like ‘Love you always -Alice’ or ‘Until we meet again –Randall’. The more recent are almost illegible and tend toward mystical proverbs about ‘Portals to Eden’ and unspecified ‘Sacred Duties’.

The Daedalus Star-ship

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