Airyana "Airy" Sands

An idealistic young scribe. Venturing out of Vault-57 in search adventure, knowledge, and the fate of her lost sister.


Name: Ariana “Airy” Sands
Rank: 9 – Master Sergeant (PENDING: 10 – First Sergeant)
Pure Strain Human
Current Status: Airy disappeared in February 2055 under mysterious circumstances during a recon mission to the legendary city of ‘Albekerke’.


Mental Strength 11
Intelligence 19
Dexterity 11
Charisma 14
Constitution 12
Physical Strength 12
Perception 7
Hit Points 56

SKILLS: (PENDING RANK 10 +19 DISTRIBUTION – i couldn’t remember what you picked)
Note: perks, skills or skill points in italics were gained from ancient tech and do not count against skill limits.

  • Computers – 70
  • Melee – 80
  • Medicine – 15
  • Speech – 61
  • Robotics – 60
  • Power Armor – 55 (max: 55 + 10 from VRPod training = 65 lifetime limit)
  • Piloting – 55 (max: 45 + 10 from VRPod training = 55 lifetime limit)


  1. Holovid / Dirty Harry: +1 figuring out pistols, +10 to GUNS and REPAIR skill when using or repairing Large Caliber Pistols
  2. Wasteland Avenger: +30 to melee skill (adds 30 to attribute limit).
  3. Computer Whiz: Can make one extra attempt to hack a locked-down terminal or reprogram a bot after initial failure (1 step harder).
  4. ??? (PENDING RANK 10 CHOICE – i couldn’t remember what you picked)


  1. Computer Terminals
  2. Tech I-II Projectile Weapons (All)
  3. Tech I-III Energy Weapons (All)
  4. Tech I-II Armor (All)
  5. Armor, Power: Powered / Inertia
  6. Armor, Power: Powered Scout
  7. Armor: Personal Force Shield
  8. Rifle Scope, Optical Day/Night Light Amplification
  9. Gas Mask
  10. Drug: Post-war Poison Antidote
  11. Drug: Pre-war Poison Antidote
  12. Drug: Accelera Dose
  13. Drug: Anti-Radiation Serum
  14. Drug: Stim Dose
  15. Medical: Medi-kit
  16. Chemical: Fungicide
  17. Energy Cell: Chemical
  18. Energy Cell: Hydrogen
  19. Energy Cell: Solar
  20. Energy Cell: Atomic
  21. Neutralizing Foam Spray
  22. Anti-Grav Pods
  23. Feelie Projector
  24. Pleasure Globe
  25. Navigation Device (unique)
  26. Broadcast Power Transmitters
  27. Control Batons, UWS and Combine
  28. Bots: Household Utility, Class I-II Security, Light Engineering, Research, Heavy Agricultural, Zookeeper, Killbot (Large)
  29. Vehicle: Military Ground Vehicle / Alcohol Engine / Wheeled
  30. Vehicle: VTOL / AGRAV Aircraft

History: Airyana was born 6 years after her older sister Beth. Her birth was an unexpected but very welcome surprise. A bright and inquisitive youngster, Airyana was quickly chosen for induction into Vault-57’s scribe company. This was a disappointment to the young Airyana as she wished to join in her mother’s, father’s and older sister’s footsteps and be part of the scouts. Her poor eyesight however meant that her wish could never be a reality.

Airyana did exceptionally well as a scribe and was on a path that had people talking about her future as possible head scribe one day. She was never truly happy stay at the vault while the rest of her family “went out adventuring” as she called it. Then one day two years prior to the start of the campaign her sister Beth left on a routine scouting mission and never came back. No trace of Beth or her partner Josephine was ever found. Airyana was never able to move past her sister’s presumed death and grew less and less focused on her work as a scribe. She constantly pestered the vault leaders for a chance to go investigate the outside world and look for leads to the fate of Beth. Finally, Colonel Althea McDermott decided that a trip outside the canyon might be just what is needed to scare some sense into the youngster.


Name: Airyana
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair: Chestnut Brown. Normally tied back in a ponytail or tucked beneath a cap or hood.
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’6"


  • Interlude between Session 7-8:

A 1st Sergeant of the Ordnance Company, Drago Konavan, got in touch with you about 3 days before the teams planned departure about something one of his explosives men discovered while rummaging through the detritus left in the bunker NW of Gunson (before blowing it up), but didn’t happen to mention until AFTER Oni was executed (he couldn’t have known this trinket was important, after all). Turns out Josephine was Drago’s love interest, something neither Josephine or Beth ever mentioned, at least not to you, so he’s been watching for any news in the years since Beth and Josephine’s disappearance.

In any case the explosives man discovered a little pre-war trinket in the trash left in the tiny bunker, something like the monogrammed bracelets or keychains in gift shops: a garish brass/red-plastic-heart bracelet with the name “B-e-t-h” spelled out. You recognize it instantly as something you gave to Beth years ago (pre-war items all have sentimental value even if only trinkets with no practical value). On the back are the barely readable hand-etched characters: “from Airy”. Drago gives you the bracelet, and knowing you are with that new ‘special ops’ team based out of Number 5 Secondary Bunker that everyone is talking about, hopes against hope that you might stumble onto something more.

Naturally the first thing you do is track down Ugroz, now the general purpose maintenance-mutant at the external greenhouse farms. Ugroz seems pretty ignorant, though he sort of recognizes the trinket…it’s something Oni brought in with a load of stuff provided as payment by the ‘Kendo’ tribe a few months ago. Maybe Oona might know more…“good luck finding her”. You identify Rodka as the head-in-charge and wheedle him until he’s thoroughly annoyed, but he seems honestly ignorant. Also he’s disappointed and saddened that you aren’t more afraid of him, since he was formerly employed in a ‘scare the living shit out of the other guy’ role by the Radiationist cult.

Your next stop is Scribe company headquarters and Althea’s office, deep inside the main bunker. Scribe officers and medical staff conducted the interrogation of Oni, using a precious pre-war drug. You are able to find out that Oni traded with 3 different tribes in a total of 5 transactions over a 3 month period, each one more ambitious than the last. The 2nd transaction was with the ‘Kendo’ tribe. The 5th trade was with a very primitive and unknown tribe out of the east, intercepted but not prevented by Arik and Grek 20 klicks south of Sipio on their first mission together. A 6th deal was planned to occur with Muunokhoi tribesmen in the southern foothills of Newell’s Range west of Spanish Fork. That would be the deal your team intercepted and cut short a few weeks ago (and didn’t take Oni up on his offer to follow through with the transaction, giving you guys the payout in exchange for his freedom). Althea asks if you are ready to come back into the fold and do some sensible work, fully expecting you to say yes. She is horrified to find you plan to accompany General Morgan’s death-wish team on an insane expedition to the distant ruins of Dome City 12.

Then you head directly for the Number 6 Secondary Bunker, serving since living memory as HQ for the far-ranging Scout company, a tiny mad-monk platoon of hard-bitten men and women notoriously independent and even aloof from clan society. The Scouts are the keepers of knowledge about the ‘raiders’. Some of them are rumored to be able to speak with raiders…it is whispered that some even have tribal membership (raiders are the bugaboos of TechI+ societies). With the help of your parents, you manage to discover that the ‘Kendo’ tribe’s home range consists of the hills and mountains east of the Kendo Deathlands, north of the SH6 remains and west of the I15 roadbed…perhaps extending into the hills west of the deathlands as well. The tall, gaunt, leather-faced scout who speaks with you about the Kendo tribe sports 3 long parallel scars across his scalp extending at an angle from the back of his head to a point above his temple..strangely regular for an old wound. Hmmm. You think better of asking him if he’s a Kendo…the mere thought elicits a shudder of superstitious dread.

Airyana "Airy" Sands

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