Allen Underwood

Self-styled 'Chief Protector and Captain' of Mount Pleasant


Name: Allen Underwood | ‘Chief Protector and Captain’
Mutated Humanoid
Current Status: Captain Underwood went down with his skyship during the tragic Exodus to Heavens Gate.


Mental Strength 17
Intelligence 18
Dexterity 11
Charisma 20
Constitution 14
Physical Strength 16
Perception 13
Hit Points 65


  1. Mk V Blaster Pistol (probably NEW or close to it)
  2. Ancient Combine officers uniform and trench-coat
  3. ?…


Unknown but suspected: Stunning Force, Dual Brain…others likely.


Unknown but suspected: SPEECH, ROBOTICS, MELEE…others likely.


Allen Underwood is a 2m tall hunch-backed mutant of fearsome appearance, with hypnotic eyes of burning orange in a misshapen face beneath a mass of rust-red hair. The unique settlement of Mount Pleasant is ruled by this largely benevolent despot. Allen arrived out of the desert with seven companions almost a decade ago to seize control of the skyship hulk from the local bandits who held it at the time. Those who survived are now his most trusted lieutenants: First Officer Sid Adalay, Security Chief Joshua Talbot, and Technical Officer Candice Sheyun.

Aside from these few close advisers, Underwood is reclusive and seldom seen in public areas of the skyship. On the rare occasions when he does appear to address the settlement, all the skyship inhabitants turn out to listen with rapt attention to their ‘Captains’ mesmerizing voice. Most of the audience typically leaves the vast cargo hold scratching their heads in bewilderment and unable to accurately recount just what the speech was about. Others of more intellectual bent report being transported to unlikely vistas of glorious achievement, but leave with conflicting emotions: inexplicable optimism and a forlorn longing for the impossible.

Underwood is something of a latter-day renaissance man, intensely interested in new and unusual artifacts, unique discoveries, information about the ancients, or news of important events in the wasteland. To this end Underwood cultivates an atmosphere of open inquiry and encourages investigations into the mysteries of pre-apocalypse civilization. He also insures the skyship settlement is open to and accepting of all peaceful sentients: humans, mutated animals, and humanoids alike.


Underwood is usually seen wearing an ancient Combine officers uniform and black trench-coat in near-mint condition, presumably salvaged from the hold of the ancient Combine skyship hulk. He can often be seen on clear nights pacing the walkways around the skyship bridge high above the surrounding hills.

Allen Underwood

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