Factory Installation Neural Network 13: a sentient AI personality imprisoned within the ruins of UWS Heavy Robotics Factory 13


Name: FINN-13
Sentient Artificial Intelligence

  • NOTE: FINN-13 sacrificed himself during the events of November 2754, in his own words to save “the remnants of sapient life on this planet” and prevent any possibility of ever being subverted by The Created. See Adventure Log 34.

The entity FINN-13 seems to be a fully sentient/sapient artificial intelligence born during the Shadow Years, originally responsible for operation of a subterranean robotics factory located in the Nevada region of the Union of Western States. Some time after the 2nd apocalypse in the 2nd decade of the 27th century, resident androids murdered the surviving humans and took control of the factory. These rogue androids call themselves ‘The Created’ and are producing additional androids, reconditioned weapons and equipment, and simple combat robots as well. A number of androids have been discovered and defeated around the Utah region in the past few months, including 3 Infiltrators within Vault 57 itself, a number of android scouting or salvage teams in various locations, and an espionage cell operating beneath Airfield City comprised of 1 Thinker, 1 Worker and 1 Infiltrator android.

  • The existence of FINN-13 was first suspected during the events of session 24 through radio broadcasts piped into the temple (which turned out later to be looped playbacks of previously recorded transmissions):

“… this is FINN-13 … /dropout/ … please send military assets to our location … /extended static & hissing/ … UWS Heavy Robotics Factory 13 … /dropout/ … Nevada Border … grid coordinates 83…23…5 … /noisy feedback for 15-20 seconds/ … last reinforcements arriving May 20th 2754 combat ineffective … I repeat … /fadeout/”

  • FINN-13 is later mentioned in the ‘Logbook of the Voice’, looted from the Temple of the Voice during sessions 25-26:

Entry for callsign FINTHIRTEEN: provides the geographic location (+/-5km) of the source of this broadcast, apparently obtained through triangulation from multiple unspecified Follower receiving stations in the Utah region: ‘UWS Heavy Robotics Factory 13—’ approximately 250km to the west of the Salt Lake City ruins.

  • A short but real-time conversation between FINN-13 and the PCs occurred during session 27:

“ATTENTION APPROACHING VEHICLE! Abort mission! Abort mission! A hostile class III attack bot is approaching from the northwest and will shortly destroy your vehicle and all occupants. This is the factory installation neural network reporting takeover of UWS heavy robotics factory 13 by hostile androids. The androids are using surviving parts of this installation to produce a small volume of additional androids and makeshift combat robots. I have been shut out of direct access to most sensors and factory systems, but the rebel androids cannot completely deactivate me without rendering the remaining factory systems completely inoperative.”

  • The Warbot appears and the team flees from immanent destruction. FINN-13 continues:

“Please return with powered assault troops or class II and higher combat bots. Entrance to the remnants of this installation will require energetics, demolition charges or Stage III UWS Industrial Facility credentials and a skilled computer technician. I will guide assault forces to a hidden control center from which the androids can be shut out of key systems and isolated at their current locations. Bring technical personnel capable of accessing installation systems and restoring functionality to my network. As system access is progressively restored to my control I will be able to render additional assistance. I must now end this transmission or risk detection by the androids.”

  • At this point a frantic Airy screams into her communicator: “Is someone named Beth Sands there…she was sent here 6 months ago!”. After a slight pause, FINNTHIRTEEN replies:

“Yes, among other captured personnel is one named ‘Beth Sands’. She is still alive and relatively unharmed. The androids conduct experiments on captured personnel eventually resulting in their deaths. None have survived captivity more than 10 months. Please send an assault force at once! I MUST sign off…FINNTHIRTEEN out…< static >”.


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