Joshua Talbot

A man of extreme natural talents responsible for the security of Mount Pleasant


Name: Joshua Talbot | Title: Security Chief
Pure Strain Human
Current Status: Joshua was killed in the battle for Vault 57 in May 2755.


Mental Strength 13
Intelligence 15
Dexterity 18
Charisma 16
Constitution 15
Physical Strength 17
Perception 17
Hit Points 95


  1. Energy Rifle, Laser (DIII/?…)
  2. Pistol, Automatic, Medium Caliber (DII/80/.5kg/ER:20,LR:50/C:18/ROF:6/RLTime:1AT/D:1d6)
  3. Combat Knife

SKILLS: (Joshua is a known expert with guns, energy weapons, melee weapons AND hand-to-hand fighting)

Legion of Honor – New Utah Federation – 2755: (awarded posthumously for heroism during the Assault on Vault 57).


A nearly 2-meter tall bearded man of impressive physique and extreme natural talent with scarred scalp clean shaven or cropped close. Joshua is the perfect warrior, yet also a leader commanding the respect and admiration of both men and mutants. Mount Pleasant is a word raiders no longer even mention, much less consider raiding, thanks to Joshua’s constant attention to detail and carefully designed multilayer defense plan.

Joshua is one of the original few that arrived ten years ago out of the desert with ‘Chief Protector and Captain’ Allen Underwood, to rout the bandits-in-residence and make the ‘Skyship’ their new home. Since then the Skyship has become a haven of sorts for peace-loving sentients of all stripes seeking escape from the squalor, ignorance and violence of the wasteland.

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Joshua Talbot

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