Rick "Willy" Wintergreen

Compact, lean and stealthy, Master Sgt. Wintergreen is an up-and-coming recon/sniper expert often called upon to train junior soldiers despite his relative youth.


Name: Rick “Willy” Wintergreen | Rank: 10 (1st Sergeant)
Pure Strain Human
Current Status: Rick disappeared in February 2055 under mysterious circumstances during a recon mission to the legendary city of ‘Albekerke’.


Mental Strength 14
Intelligence 16
Dexterity 18
Charisma 15
Constitution 13
Physical Strength 9
Perception 18
Hit Points 67


  1. Rifle, Heavy Bolt Action / NEW (DII/250/5kg/ER:200,LR:500/C:6(fixed magazine)/ROF:2/RLTime:1AT(6r)/D:3d6) + Rifle Scope, Optical Daylight
  2. Submachine Gun, Medium Caliber / EXC (DII/200/3kg/ER:30,LR:75/C:30r/Mode 1=2*15r-Bursts:1-15r in 3×3m area,ER1-8r or LR1-6r per target;Mode 2=Full Auto:1-30r in 6×6m area,1-8r per target in area,ER-only/RLTime:1AT/D:1d6) + Small Flashlight; Light Rifle / SMG Silencer
  3. Combat Knife, 25cm (~I/8/.5kg/D:1d5/ER:4m)


  1. STEALTH (60)
  2. GUNS (50)
  3. PRECISION (53) (5 from VR-Pod training)
  5. ENERGY WEAPONS (28) (max: 90 + 10 from VRPod training = 100 lifetime limit)


  1. Infiltrator: Can make one more attempt to pick a lock or crack a safe after failure (1 step harder).
  2. Mister Sandman: * 2 damage for purposes of wound severity from a single sneak or surprise attack per day when using unarmed, melee, guns or energy weapons. Stacks with doubling from PRECISION.
  3. Gunslinger: Half normal Quick Draw penalty (-3 instead of -6)


Muzzle-loading Black Powder Weapons; Pipe-Rifles; Bolt-Action Rifles; Semi-Auto Rifles; Assault Rifles; SMGs; Shotguns (breechloading, pump action); Revolver Pistols; Needler Pistols; Grenades (frag, hiex, stun); Energy Cells (chemical, hydrogen); Rifle scope (Daylight and Day/Night); Communicator; Armor (Riot, Tactical, Combat); Drugs (Cure-In, Stim, Accelera); Vehicles (Hovercraft, military alcohol ground car, * motorcycle, electric motorcycle); Tech I-III Laser & Blaster Weapons.


Rick joined Eagle Clan at the age of 17 after arriving a decade ago from parts unknown and unnamed, like many refugees. Rick’s natural aptitudes eased his way into the ranks of Scout Company, especially his incredible visual acuity and uncanny ‘sixth sense’. “Willy” has graduated up to Training NCO at such a young age and with so few missions under his belt that if it weren’t for his easy going, companionable good nature, he probably would have made some enemies along the way. But no one can deny his skill even though he spends a lot of time inside the bunker canyon.

Willy has managed to get himself aboard the hovercraft for a number of missions after the prior recon man, Jimmy Chen, was lost several years ago on a risky scouting mission west of the Kendo Deathlands (see ‘Session 7-8 Interlude’ for Grek).

Gw2754 willy

Rick sports three long parallel scars across his scalp extending at an angle from the back of his head to a point above his temple, ritual marks of the Kendo tribe. Rick likes to pretend he’s a Kendo to scare the normals, but he’s no more a Kendo than were the ancients that built Vault 57.

  • Information not widely known or accepted

Rick is truly half-Kendo: the bastard son of a Mormon and a Kendo. He escaped his Mormon adoptive parents as soon as he was able (~15 years old). As a Mormon half-breed, he bears the invisible ‘eye and pyramid’ mark on his forehead, but can’t himself see the ‘mark’ on other Mormons without one of the rare and coveted ‘looking-glasses’, a Shadow-Years era glass disc used by servitors of the Mormons (both half-breeds and non-Mormons) to identify a true-blood or half-breed Mormon. Rick does speak pidgin Kendo, learned during the brief period spent as a youth with his Kendo parent, but few Scouts really believe he is Kendo.

Rick "Willy" Wintergreen

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