Rifle, Gauss

Experimental 27th century weapon, never widely deployed. The ultimate personal kinetic energy weapon.

weapon (ranged)

Rifle, Gauss


Summary: DIV/1500/5kg/ER:500,LR:1000/C:10s (2 hydrogen cells or PA umbilical + 1 drum magazine)/ROF:3/RLTime:1AT per cell + 1AT drum = 3AT/D:6d6(ER),4d6(LR)/WC:9/E:1)target AC+1, integrated wide-angle tactical thermal scope giving +50% LR & +1 to-hit at all ranges,2)agrav compensator provides -3 0g penalty,3)uses GUNS skill,4)integrated bi-pod


  • Complexity: D
  • Tech Level: IV
  • Weapon Class: 9 (target AC+1)
  • Special/1: integrated wide-angle tactical thermal scope giving +50% LR & +1 to-hit at all ranges
  • Special/2: agrav compensator provides -3 0g penalty (instead of -6)
  • Special/3: GUNS skill to fire, ENERGY skill to repair
  • Special/4: integrated bi-pod
  • Value: 1500cr
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Effective Range: 500m; Long Range: 1000m (1500m from scope)
  • Capacity: 10 shots (1 Gauss drum + 2 hydrogen cells or PA umbilical)
  • Rate of Fire: 3 shots (1 shot = 10x crysteel hyper-velocity penetrators)
  • Reload Time: 1 Action Turn per cell (2) + 1 Action Turn for Gauss Drum = 3AT (2AT with H-clip, 1AT with Power Armor umbilical)
  • Damage per Shot: 6d6 (Effective Range); 4d6 (Long Range)

AMMO: Gauss Drum

C:10s/1kg/cost:100/E:sealed drum containing 100 crysteel hyper-velocity penetrators, target AC+1

AMMO: H-clip

C:2 tandem hydro-cells/.1kg/E:links two hydrogen cells to allow reloading in only 1AT


Rifle, Gauss

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