cyborg.jpgCybernetics are electro-mechanical modifications to biological creatures. Cybernetic implants are acquired in two ways: 1) androids created with implants, such as the standard iridium-tantalum skeletal armature found in all androids; 2) implants retrofitted in biological creatures. Installation of salvaged pre-war cybernetic implants requires Tech Level 3 surgical facilities, such as those maintained by the White Hand in New Salt City. It is also rumored that the Mormons have the medical facilities necessary to install cybernetic enhancements, though if such services exist they are not offered to the public at large.

Wealthy inhabitants of the Utah region may travel to New Salt City and apply to the Brothers and Sisters of the White Hand for cybernetic prosthesis. The White Hand operates a Tech III surgical theater in the main Temple at New Salt City. To be considered for modification, supplicants must be suffering from a missing or crippled limb or organ (vision, hearing, etc). The White Hand will generally not consider elective replacement of undamaged organs or limbs. Those in need must also be known to the White Hand and not have a bad reputation. Good reputations might be rewarded with a discount.

Cybernetic Prosthesis and Implants, General

Prosthetic/cybernetic limbs are damaged by wounds normally. Damage effects are the same as for wounds to biological body parts. A wound to the head, chest or abdomen may damage implants in those body parts. Damage to cybernetic limbs or components is permanent until repaired. A REPAIR+ROBOTICS task check is required to repair damage to cybernetic implants or prosthetic body parts: AVG (light damage) / HARD (serious damage) / VHARD (critical damage). A ‘mortal’ wound to a prosthetic limb means the prosthesis is lost but the PC survives. Providers of cybernetic prosthesis and implants can also repair damage at 10% (light), 25% (serious) or 50% (critical) of original cost.

Class 0

Effect: restore 80% basic function of the lost member/organ with a slight penalty such as 2/3rd normal movement (legs), -2 to perception and -1 to-hit rolls (eyes, ears), -2 to DX (arms, hands), etc.

Cost: 5-16gp (skin 5, hand 5, arm 8, leg 12, eye 8)

Class I

Effect: restore 100% basic function of the lost member/organ

Cost: 10-40gp (skin 10, hand 10, arm 15, entire leg 40, eye 15-20).

Class II

Effect: restore basic function, plus 1 enhanced attribute OR 1 L1 special function. Cost: 25-80gp.

Class III

Effect: 1 enhanced attribute (as Class II) AND 1 L1/L2 special function. Cost: 60-200gp.

  • Enhanced Attributes

Head/Eye/Hearing: +1 PE
Arm: +1 DX or +1 ST (cumulative per arm)
Chest: +1 CN or +1 ST
Abdomen: +1 CN
Leg: +1 ST (cumulative per leg)
Skin: +1 CH

  • Special Functions

Head/Eye, L1: Basic Magnification (as bino+daylight optical scope) OR Light Amplification (as goggles, but stacks with scopes)
Head/Eye, L2: Thermal Vision (as goggles, but stacks with scopes)
Chest/Abdomen/Leg (L1): Secret Compartment (.5kg capacity)
Abdomen, L1: + 4 Poison Resistance
Leg, L1: + 1/4 Move Rate (not cumulative)
Leg, L1: + 5kg Carry Capacity (per leg)
Leg, L2: 2x Speed Burst (3AT once/daily, not cumulative)
Armored (L1): reduce crit wounds by 1 level of severity (single body part or prosthetic limb)
Skin, L1: + 2 Radiation Resistance
Skin, L1: + 1 Damage Resistance (-1 from each die of damage)
Skin, L2: Chameleon Effect (+60 or 60 base STEALTH for hide/ambush/shadow functions)


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