Dome City 12 - ARLU


The dome city of ‘Arlu’ was constructed in the 8th decade of the 26th century (the Shadow Years). Three domes were constructed: two 500m domes and one central dome 2km in diameter. The city was evacuated after the outbreak of ww4. The domes are heavily damaged and pockmarked with holes created by penetrating bombs and energy beams.

Built during the peak decades of the Shadow Years far from the irradiated ruins of pre-war population centers, these giant foamed-duracrete domes are often at least partially intact. The largest domes are 5-6km in diameter. Most dome settlements are collections of 3-5 domes between .5km and 2km in size. The domes are often punctured or holed in places and the huge automated ventilation louvers are typically stuck in the open position, illuminating the deserted streets and buildings below. Scavengers, irradiated monsters and flesh-eating ghouls haunt the domes.

The domes can be entered by scaling the side of the dome to an entry point, either a crater or one of the sets of open louvers 100 to 500 meters up. Mountain climbing gear is required. The lead climber must make a DX check to avoid a fall down the side of the dome between 1-50m (>8m causes 1d6 damage per 2m fallen). A substantial length of rope is usually required to safely descend into the interior of the Dome. A ground level entry can be attempted using explosives to blast open a maintenance portal, garage door, vent or other access point. Alternately, a successful REPAIR+COMPUTER:VHARD attempt can hack into a discovered access point.

Dome City 12 - ARLU

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