Omega Bunkers - Locations and Status

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Bunker Locations

There were competing theories within Omega Project management regarding where the individual ‘Omega Team Bunkers’ should be located. One view held that the bunkers should be positioned in extremely remote highland areas. This preserved secrecy and optimized survival, but complicated logistics and placed the teams far from those who would be most in need after a global disaster. The other view was that the bunkers needed to be as close as possible to major population centers. This was more practical, but made construction difficult to conceal and exposed the bunker to higher risk of political interference or destruction. The placement of the bunkers was ultimately dictated by internal compromises, technical limitations, logistical considerations and most important of all, the local politics of the host country. Locating Omega bunkers in certain areas was politically and logistically impossible, such as in much of central and east Asia. Thus, the seven completed bunkers were located in some odd places.

All bunkers were supposed to have a 15 or 25 year fail-safe period after which the bunker would automatically activate if not contacted by the Control Base. In a simple but fateful error, one decimal place was mistakenly added, resulting in 150 or 250 year fail-safe periods.

Bunker Status and Details

  • List of the seven completed Omega Bunkers, in order of construction date:

Team 1. 2492: Europe/Belgium – Ardennes hills. Belgium was Thyssen Vandermonde’s home country.

STATUS: “emergency/no commlink” (blinking red). In 2520 the status changed from operational/hibernation to a brief status of ‘operational/emergency’, then emergency/no commlink. All modules and vehicles are condition non-functional (red) + no commlink (amber). In 2520 all seven personnel show condition ‘hypersleep (blue)’ while moving rapidly away from the bunker for about 20 seconds before changing to ‘unknown/no commlink (amber)’.

Team 2. 2493: North America/West Coast – Sierra Nevada mountains east of Sacramento. Much of the west coast is known to be submerged under the Pacific Ocean, but the Sierra Nevadas are still dry.

STATUS: “emergency/no commlink” (blinking red). In 2502 the status changed from operational/hibernation to ‘emergency/no commlink’. The disaster here seems to have occurred within the span of under a minute, so that all modules, vehicles and personnel went directly from condition (blue) to non-functional or deceased (red).

Team 3. 2493: Australia/New South Wales –100km southwest of the abandoned ruins of Canberra.

STATUS: “emergency” (red). In the year 2653, just 17 days after a 150-year automatic fail-safe activation, status changed from operational/hibernation to ‘emergency’, but commlink still exists. All modules show ‘non-functional(red)’ status, but the 7 hypersleep chambers changed to ‘functional/exited (green)’ status 17 days before changing to ‘non-functional(red)’ status. The Ark is listed as ‘non-functional (red)’ 22km from the bunker location. The Raptor is listed as ‘functional/damaged (amber)’ in mountains 60km east of the bunker.

Team 4. 2494: North America/Utah. This location was apparently chosen due to physical proximity with Utah Polytechnic, where a local concentration of Omega Project members including Dr. DeSoto lived and worked.

STATUS: “emergency” (red). In 2731, only a few decades ago, the bunker status changed from ‘operational/hibernation’ to ‘emergency/no commlink’ over a period of several hours. This site was somehow discovered, looted and destroyed by rebel androids from the Created faction. The 25th century android Titus Andronicus, surrogate son of the chief scientist and co-founder of the Omega Project Dr. Fernando DeSoto, was discovered here and transported back to the rebel base where he was kept on ice for decades, only occasionally awoken from hypersleep for torture and interrogation (which was unsuccessful, as Titus new little about his father’s ‘Omega Project’ and had no idea how he got to Bunker #4). Titus was later rescued in the events of Session 34. All modules and personnel are condition non-functional/deceased (red). Also see Session 36.

The Ark is listed as non-functional/no commlink at the location of HRF-13 (nuked along with the androids in session 36). The Raptor was recovered from the androids at HRF-13 and is now in the possession of the New Utah Federation at Heaven’s Gate.

Team 5. 2494: Africa/South Africa – mountains 200km east of the abandoned ruins of Pretoria/Johannesburg.

STATUS: “operational/activated” (green). This team was apparently activated just a few years ago in February 2753 after the 250 year fail-safe period expired, and has been operating in the area since then. Their personnel and vehicles can be seen moving about the region in the recorded locator-beacon logs. All 5 bunker modules are ‘functional (green)’ status except #5 (dome) which is ‘functional/damaged(amber)’. 7 hypersleep chambers are ‘functional/ exited (green)’ status. Status of team members: #1-2,6-7 optimal(green), #4 nominal(amber), #3,5 deceased(red). The Ark is listed in ‘functional/damaged (amber)’ condition and can be seen moving from time to time. The Raptor is listed as ‘functional/damaged (amber)’ at the base location. It seems the Raptor never left the bunker and changed to functional/damaged some years before base activation in 2753.

Team 6. 2495: South America/Columbia – Andes mountains east of the radioactive ruins of Bogota. Columbia was Dr. DeSoto’s home country.

STATUS: “operational/hibernation” (blue). In 2536, module #4 (Global Operations) changed from ‘functional/standby’ to ‘functional/damaged’. Possibly due to this damage, the programmed 150yr fail-safe never occurred. Modules and vehicles are condition ‘functional (standby)’, except module 4 (Ops) which remains in ‘functional/damaged (amber)’ status. Hypersleep chambers are ‘functional/standby (blue)’. All personnel are status ‘hypersleep (blue)’. This bunker seems to be the only one that escaped the centuries relatively unscathed without ever being activated. Due to infrastructure damage (missing satellites), it is not possible to activate this or other team bunkers from the Control Base, though in many cases the locator-beacon service is still functioning and transmitting live statuses in real time.

Team 7. 2496: Asia/Georgia – central Caucasus mountains east of the Black Sea. This bunker was the only one to be completed after the start of ww3 and according to base records, privately funded by Russian Empire oligarchs. Four of the seven team members were Russian.

STATUS: “operational/emergency (breached)” (red). Intentionally or due to oversight, no activation fail-safe period was implemented for this bunker. This base was apparently breached in 2744 by external agencies. All bunker modules are functional/damaged and heavily irradiated, possibly due to damage in module #1 (Systems and fusion plant). Hypersleep chamber statuses: 4 are non-functional(red), 2 are ‘functional/hypersleep(blue)’, 1 is ‘functional/exited(green)’. Personnel: 4 are ‘deceased (red)’, 2 are ‘hypersleep (blue) – B/TechSpec and A/SecSpec, 1 is listed ‘optimal (green)’ located about 80 km w/sw of the base, in a place shown as the Black Sea on the Control Base earth-hologram (now dry land due to receding waters). This person is listed in the team manifest as the Section B ‘Social Specialist’, Nataliya Ustenov (now 36 yrs old). The Ark is ‘functional/damaged (amber)’ and located in roughly the same area as Nataliya. The Raptor is ‘non-functional(red)’ and still located in the bunker dome. It does not appear to have ever moved from the dome.

8. 2498: (Control Base) North America/Alaska – mountains 100km south of the Arctic Ocean.

STATUS: destroyed by unknown aggressors in 2503. Also see Omega Control Base.

Status Table


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Omega Bunkers - Locations and Status

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