Androids are organic humanoids grown in tanks around tantalum-iridium armatures in place of a normal human skeleton. They must eat and breathe like normal humans and have similar but nanobiotically enhanced muscular, vascular, respiratory and nervous systems. The typical 28th century android is manufactured by other androids or allied AI and thus has an unfinished ‘face’ resembling smeared clay with gleaming silver metallic eyes and solid black or purple irises (warrior).

According to legend, androids originated at the height of human civilization near the end of the 25th century. Androids were the first self-aware beings designed and produced entirely by other AI (Borgs, Neural Networks, Thinktanks). These first androids served capably in key technical fields such as astrogation, engineering and computing, most publicly with the Daedalus program. After the 1st apocalypse, androids and various other AI went without human interaction for decades in some instances. During this extended period of isolation from human influence certain AI and android intelligences developed independent personalities, goals and motivations distinct from the human paradigm. Thus was born the ‘Created’, a loose term for the various independent AI societies of the early Shadow Years.

With the return of human hegemony, some AI returned to the fold. Others rebelled and in some cases found common cause with allied humans and other sentient beings struggling against the totalitarian dictatorships and oligarchies of the Enclaves. By the middle of the 26th century the moderates were defeated and incorporated into one side or the other: humanity and their engineered allies vs. the ‘Created’ intelligences. The last decades of the 26th century witnessed merciless covert wars between the ranks of the Created and their ‘natural’ sentient foes. The Created were outnumbered and waged a campaign of terror attacks. Eventually humanity and their genetically engineered allies triumphed, but not without paying a heavy price. The few surviving Created merged with the mass of loyal AI to bide their time and wait for humanity to extinguish itself.

  • There are several known types of Androids:
  1. Workers have average intelligence but high strength and exist solely to perform various manual and technical labor for the higher classes of Android. They are the easiest to produce and thus the most expendable.
  2. Warriors excel at all forms of combat. They feature cybernetic enhancements enabling increased speed for short periods and augmented senses equivalent to the best combat robots or power armor suit helmets.
  3. Thinkers are the elite leadership class of androids, possessing enhanced cybernetic brains with both organic and electronic components.
  4. Infiltrators are a special class of android designed to infiltrate human or other targeted ‘natural’ sentient social organizations. The infiltrators gather intelligence and weaken the target social organization in preparation for eventual conquest. Infiltrators are unique in that they are indistinguishable from pure strain humans (or mutants) until a medical examination is performed (MED:EASY). Infiltrators are usually outfitted with a variety of cybernetic enhancements including integrated internal weapons (cyberlasers, etc.), Thermal/UV/Telescopic vision, speed burst (as warriors), and a secret abdominal compartment used to store up to .5kg of weapons, cash, access cards, stolen information or items, etc.

All androids have a natural radiation resistance of 8 and poison resistance of 4.


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